Optimum Nutrition Optimen is a multivitamin supplement produced by Optimum Nutrition. This company started out in 1986 and became one of the leading nutritional groups around the world. While other workout buffs prefer products which offer specific components to help them develop their endurance, strength, and even the immune system, some prefer more in one pill such as Optimen. This is one of the health supplements offered these days that can provide more benefits.

What Is It?

Optimum Nutrition Optimen contains more than 75 ingredients for nutrition optimization that’s needed by bodybuilders. It is very important to provide enough nutrition when a person builds his body for improved muscle growth and endurance. These things are vital so a bodybuilder can perform more and get better results in the future. The amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and essential extracts help to keep a balanced diet.

Optimum Nutrition Optimen boasts for its four performance blends. These blends include the Amino-blend, Viri-blend, Phyto-blend, and Enzy-blend. The Amino-blend consists of free form acids which include Glutamine, Aginine, and Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCCA. The Viri-blend and Phyto-blend have botanicals, marine, and fruit concentrates. The Enzy-blend consists of enzymes to optimize muscle repair and growth from bodybuilding.

What Does It Claim?

It’s not good to underestimate the power of a balanced diet and nutrition. Unlike other supplements that tend to offer specific contents to target muscle growth and performance, Optimen provides a balanced nutrition. This is very important since the lack of a particular nutrient in the human body leads to problems that may affect workout results. Optimum Nutrition Optimen promises to provide complete nutrition to optimize results in the future.

Aside from a balanced nutrition, Optimen can also improve nutrient digestion. The antioxidants contained in this supplement also help remove free radicals that reduce risks of heart and nerve damage while working out.

What Are Common Reviews?

A lot of bodybuilders have been amazed of the nutrients included in Optimen. While other competitor supplements require users to take more than five pills a day, this product only require three pills a day. This is very convenient especially if a person finds it very difficult to take more pills at a strict regimen. Optimen can be compared to the usual health supplements taken after eating meals.

Optimen has a great nutritional profile that is favored by most people – workout buffs and non-bodybuilders alike. Compared to its competitors, it doesn’t have a foul aftertaste. Although, it’s very difficult to know how effective it is since it contains lots of components in considerable amounts. This is the reason why many still prefer supplements that target a specific component to target muscles and recovery.

Another unfavorable review for Optimum Nutrition Optimen from bodybuilders who use it is that taking it turns the color of their pee into something very similar to neon yellow. But overall, most people are just happy to have a great multivitamin that offers a lot to promote balanced nutrition. Unlike other workout supplements, this can be taken by non-bodybuilders too.