This is one of the essential vitamins needed by our body for better absorption of calcium and phosphorous. Lack of this vitamin will not allow the proper synthesis of these two minerals. Luckily, it is not difficult to obtain this vitamin. Exposure to sunlight will help our bodies manufacture this vital vitamin. However, those people who constantly wear sun block lotion every time they go under the sun may not be getting enough of this vitamin.

How to Obtain Vitamin D

The best way to get this vitamin naturally is through sun exposure. The best time to go under the sun is from sunrise till 9:30 in the morning when the ultra violet rays of the sun is not yet too harsh on the skin.

The second way to obtain it is by taking food supplements. In order to activate it in the body, it has to go through the process of hydroxylation reactions. Once it is activated, it is called calcitriol. Its function is for the synthesis and absorption of calcium and phosphorous for stronger bones.


  1. It protects the body from some forms of viruses like the common cold. It boosts the immune system so if you have an adequate supply of this vital vitamin, you are not prone to getting sick.
  2. For bodybuilders, this vitamin can help in gaining muscle mass and strength due to some vitamin D receptors. The effect of these receptors is an increase in the strength of lower legs and grip.
  3. It lowers the chances of contracting multiple sclerosis. This disease is more common in temperate countries where they have lesser sun exposure as compared to those who live in tropical countries.
  4. It also has an important function when it comes to the cognitive function of the brain. It prevents memory loss which normally begins around the age of forty.
  5. This vitamin supplement can also help bodybuilders recover faster. In a study done among bodybuilders, it was concluded that their skeletal muscle strength recovers quickly by taking this vitamin prior to exercise.
  6. Recovery from tuberculosis is better. Research studies have been done and it showed that there is a strong correlation between high doses of this vitamin and fast recovery from tuberculosis.
  7. In a study done by Cancer Treatment Centers in America, it showed that those patients who are suffering from cancer have low levels of this vital vitamin. Thus, it was concluded that it has some protective factors from developing cancer. It also protects people from autoimmune diseases such as lupus.
  8. It’s good for the heart. In one study, it was concluded that adequate supply of this vitamin can reduce heart attacks and early death.

Side Effects

  1. Those who suffer from kidney disease are not advised to take high doses of this important vitamin because too much calcium in the body may lead to renal osteodystrophy.
  2. Too much of this vitamin could make some people susceptible to kidney stones.

Do not take this supplement unless prescribed by a doctor. It is still better to get it naturally by going outdoors at the recommended time.