Men love grilling, but not vegan cooking. Whenever they have to cook for friends or families, they seem not to have any other choice than grilling. But what if you have a vegan friend or family member? Will you just ignore them or will you cook vegan food to impress?

Delicious and Nutritious

If you’re interested in cooking vegan for someone, here is your guide to cooking a delish meal that’s also nutritious. But, before that you need to know first the basics in the vegan diet.

  • Vegan diet

It is still possible to get all the nutrients that a body needs when you’re going through a vegan diet. But vegetarians are a lot different than the vegans. Vegans don’t eat anything that’s from animals like eggs, fish, meat, and even processed foods like honey, gelatin, high fructose corn syrup, wine and beer.

  • Vegan’s nutrient needs

When you want to try vegan cooking, it is important to know the nutrient needs of a vegan and the nutrient food sources. The most important nutrients that a vegan needs include protein, calcium, zinc and vitamin B12. These are all necessary for metabolism, strength and growth.

  • Plant sources of protein

Soy, nuts, beans and whole grains are important. Soy dairy is a great option such as milk, cheese and yogurt. Try reinventing favorite meat recipes with vegan food choices like soy burgers. Mix grains and legumes at meals. Make sure that the combination of food creates a complete protein source.

Vitamin B12, which is very important also in the diet of a vegan, is primarily found in meat products. In vegan cooking there is no possible source for B12, but the good news is that it is a water-soluble vitamin that is well-stored in the body. If you’ve switched into a vegan diet for more than 5 years, that’s when you need to have a vitamin B12 supplement.

  • Calcium and iron food sources

Both are plentiful in plant products.  Beans, almonds, tofu, greens and leafy vegetables are great sources of calcium and iron. Breakfast cereals and juices are also the easiest ways to get extra nutrients.

  • Zinc food sources

Beans and nuts are also great sources of zinc. Supplements can also be an option.

Vegan Burger Recipe

You need black beans, whole wheat flour, corn meal, onion, salt and cumin to taste, and salsa for moisture. Place everything in a food processor and process for 5 minutes or until everything has come together. Shape patties into a circle shape and refrigerate for 30-60 minutes.

After that, the patties are ready to grill. Cook each side for about 5 minutes and cover to give the patties a smoky flavor. Serve with burger buns. Add a little salsa and spinach and you have a vegan burger.

Snack Options

Fresh fruits and rice cakes are also great for snacks. A large bowl of tomato, arugula, spicy red onion, and grilled soy cheese salad is best for big meals.

Indeed, vegan cooking is really tricky but it gives a lot of nutrients that your body needs. It also is really interesting to do, so when you decide to try the vegan diet, consider these tips and try reading some more.