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Abandoned Little Kitten Grows Up To Become One Of The Cutest Cats Ever

Abandoned Little Kitten Grows Up To Become One Of The Cutest Cats Ever

This upcoming story will show you that everyone deserves a chance at life, even a scrawny little kitten that was left behind by her mother! Our story starts when a man found a tiny abandoned kitten at this front door. Without giving it any second thought, he decided to take her and become her adoptive dad.

20. Abandoned Cat

This cute little ball of fur is Sansa. As we can clearly see, she wasn’t in a good shape when the man found her at his front door. Do you think this is the reason her mother abandoned her?

19. Sansa Is Weak

This kitten was rejected by her mother because she was weak. Isn’t this heartbreaking? Good thing Alan took her in.

18. Adoptive Dad

Alan is the name of the man who took her in and as you will soon find out, Sansa would consider him to be her adoptive dad! Let’s see what was the first thing that Alan did after picking up Sansa.

17. Warm Bath

The first thing that Alan did was to give Sansa a bath. She wasn’t dirty, but he wanted to make sure that the little cat realized that someone is taking care of her. How do you think Sansa reacted to the bath?

16. Sansa Didn’t Like It!

Just like all cats would do, Sansa hated the bath! There’s something about cats and water, they never mix well! Soon the little ball of fur started feeling better…

15. Feeling Good

Alan bathed Sansa and he started showing her some love. The man made sure to feed her the best treats and pet her all day long in hopes of helping her forget that her mother abandoned her. The next picture will bring a smile to your face!

14. Curious Kitty

Sansa is a very curious cat and she loved exploring Alan’s home. However, she always came back to Alan’s lap no matter how far away she would be. The kitten felt safe around the man.

13. Loyal Pet

Even though Sansa was smaller than Alan’s hand, she was acting very protective of him. Alan says that Sansa wouldn’t let anyone touch him and she would jump in his arms. Although, maybe the little kitten was just jealous.

12. Special Bed

Alan wanted to make sure that the little kitten knows that this is her house now and he got her a special bed. Isn’t this picture just the most adorable thing ever?

11. Fierce Predator

Even though Sansa might not have her mother to train her how to hunt, Alan is trying to make up for that by getting her a toy mice. While playing with toys might be one of Sansa’s favorite activities, this isn’t the thing that she loves the most. Keep reading to find out what it is!

10. Belly Rubs

The one thing that Sansa loves the most is getting belly rubs from Alan. Although, who can blame the small kitten for wanting to feel loved?

9. Little Kitten

This picture shows us just how small Sansa is. I think it’s safe to say that if Alan didn’t took her in like he did, Sansa’s chances of survival while out on streets were very slim.

8. Cutest Kitten Ever

Despite being a tiny kitten, no one can deny that Sansa is one of the cutest cats you will ever see! Just look at how big those whiskers are when compared to her size! Isn’t this hilarious?

7. Climbing Trees

Alan doesn’t want to let Sansa outside at such a young age, but he doesn’t want her to forget her roots either. This is why he bought her this special climbing toy for Sansa and as you can clearly see, the little kitten knows her way around it!

6. Growing Up

With Alan taking of her, Sansa doesn’t have anything to worry about. It didn’t take long for the kitten to start growing up and to no longer be the small little ball of fur that Alan found at his front door. Let’s see how big Sansa got.

5. Sansa Is Getting Bigger!


Sansa is bigger than Alan’s hand now, but she is still the same cute and adorable little kitten at heart. Sansa even made a new friend! Keep reading to find out who that is.

4. Making New Friends

What’s life without a few good friends? Now that Sansa is bigger, Alan is able to let her play with other cats without having to worry about her and as this picture shows, Sansa is making new friends every day.

3. Waking Up

Alan says that despite being abandoned at birth, Sansa forgot all about that and is acting just like a normal cat. Alan also says that Sansa sleeps all day long and that hearing her purr is one of his favorite things to do.

2. Working


Alan says that one of the most hilarious things about having Sansa around is that it’s impossible for him to work. The cat always jumps on his lap and starts asking for attention which makes it hard for him to concentrate. 

1.Sansa Is Adorable

Sansa is one of the most adorable cats ever and there’s no doubt about that. Nonetheless, what would you do if a little kitten showed up at your front door?