A new image has been released of Ben Affleck donning the cape and cowl for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie. Say what you will about Batfleck, but he put on some serious muscle for the role of Bruce Wayne. After seeing DareDevil we definitely had some concerns over whether Ben Affleck would be able to pull off Batman. After all, Christian Bale left some Gotham-sized shoes to fill. With his more recent movies (The Town, Argo), we are starting to have faith again in Ben Affleck when it comes to playing a bad-***.

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What do you think of the costume and batmobile? We’re surprised at how similar the costume compares to the Dark Knight Returns (which is a phenomenal graphic novel that we highly recommend you check out).

Batman’s Costume: Style vs. Purpose

What we loved about Christopher Nolan’s Batman was that almost every part of the Dark Knight’s costume had some kind of purpose. In fact, much of Batman Begins highlights new additions to the costume and why each facet was needed to help Batman fight crime. With the costume that Ben Affleck is wearing in this new image, it’s hard to say that it looks like there is much function here. Instead, it looks like a tribute to The Dark Knight Returns in hopes of generating excitement among comic book lovers.

It’s way too early to really have an opinion on the new suit, but we’re thrilled that they are already sharing content and allowing fans to get a sneak peak as the storyline and film comes together. If we had to bet, we’d wager that the next image they release will be of one of the villains or of Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill both in full gear.

What do you think of the Batman costume? How about Ben Affleck’s transformation?