Tribulus terrestris grows in temperate countries and is believed to increase the testosterone levels in men. The fruit of this plant is covered with spines and it is also referred to as puncture vine. Aside from providing additional levels of testosterone, this plant can also cure other ailments such as kidney disorders, skin disorders like eczema, and improves blood circulation among others.

Benefits for Bodybuilders

The primary reason for taking tribulus terrestris is for the increased levels of testosterone. This male hormone is the one responsible for strength and agility. Bodybuilders need an additional supply of testosterone because the kind of training they undergo is too rigorous and intense. They lift too heavy gym equipments and these will take a toll on their energy level. But to be able to continue with their regimen, they need an ample supply of energy to maintain or even make their muscles grow bigger. Food supplements like this herb can make them go on to attain their exercise goals.

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The good thing about this herb is that it increases the testosterone level in a safe way. It will not go beyond the level that can be dangerous for the health of bodybuilders. Unlike steroidal preparations, too much of this can be detrimental on a person’s health. Steroids can go beyond the limits on how much the body can take and in effect, it can have many ill effects on the human body.

In addition, this food supplement can also fight against fatigue. It will provide the extra boost in energy that bodybuilders need. They will not tire easily and it also helps in the recovery process of athletes. It can help the muscles recover from the too much lifting of weights.

The anti-inflammatory benefit of this plant is the one that will make the muscles repair faster. This in turn will prevent any muscle injury which is very important in any sport activity, including bodybuilding.

This herb is also good for circulation. In effect, if more blood is delivered to the muscles, more oxygen and other vitamins and minerals are also transported. Thus, it adds additional protection against sickness.

Other Benefits

Since it increase the testosterone in men, those who have some sexual dysfunctions will benefit a lot from tribulus terrestris. They can significantly increase their sexual performance. They can have restored energy and vigor for a sexual activity. In addition, it is good for blood circulation, thus, it transports more blood to the body organs, including the sexual organ, which could significantly increase its size.

Women can also benefit, especially for those who are undergoing menopausal issues. It regulates the hormonal level in the body, improving mood and boosting sexual appetite.

Side Effects

This food supplement cannot be taken for a long period of time. Even if you do not suffer from any ailments, it is still advisable to ask a medical practitioner if you are a good candidate for this herb. It is known to worsen some medical conditions, such as prostate cancer.