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How to Deal with Backlog of Video Games

All right, gamers, do this right now: check your Steam/Origin/uPlay/ digital library and retail game library and tell me: how many of those games have you played and finished? If you answer, “I’ve played and finished them all” then you’ve dealt with the backlog. But if you answer, “Uhmmm… a few?”, then you gamer have a serious case of backlog-ism! Okay, just kidding (slightly). Well, it’s no joke that gamers like you will have the backlog of video games. Well, if you’re in need to deal with the backlog of video games, then read on gamer. Confitdent will have you battle the backlog confidently.

The Size of Your Backlog

First, check your backlog. See how big it is. See any finished games? Unfinished games? Games you bought out of sales? Backlogs can really grow big in size, especially when you buy games in sales. Steam sales, PlayStation/Xbox sales, the Nintendo sales, the big retail giants’ sales like Walmart and Best Buy… they’ll make your backlogs go into size. So check and assess the size.

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Decide On At Least 1-2 Games You’d Like to Play Per Platform

Here’s where it gets good. When you’ve assessed your backlog, the next thing to do is to choose 1-2 games to play. Now, I don’t know how many video game consoles you have. In my case, I have the PC, PS3, Vita and iPhone. I also have a GBA but it’s for one game only. Whatever number of consoles you have, it’s better to play at least 1-2 games per platform. This is a good way to spend quality time with the games and it’ll at least get you to finishing the games.

Don’t Try To Go 100%

No matter how many times you want to do it: you can’t get to 100%. It sounds like I’m putting you down but it’s for your own good. Can you really access the secret bosses in Final Fantasy X and X-2? Can you really unlock all the stuff in Skyrim? Can you really catch ‘em all in the Pokemon series? No matter what, you can’t. But if you really like the game and it’s all you’ll be playing for a long time, then it’s okay to go 100% in the game. Just make sure it’s what you really want.

Focus On the Games You’re Playing, and Don’t Worry About the Others

This is something I do when I’m playing video games. When I’ve decided on what to play in each platform, I focus on those, not the other games I never chose. Each and every game you bought and like have very unique experiences so give it a joyful playthrough. No matter how short or long your chosen games are, you’ll have a blast right? Besides, when you finish your chosen games, you can then play the others you never chose in the first place. It’s a win-win.

Alternate Between Chosen Games

Remember how we talked about fitting gaming into your life? One thing to add to that is to alternate between your chosen games. So say you play only 2 hours of gaming daily. You can play 1 hour of Super Mario Bros. U while you can play Bioshock Infinite. You can also alternate games on days. So Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be for a round of Trine 2 and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday will be for GTA V and Demon’s Souls.

Fit MMO Games Into Your Schedule If You Like Them

MMO games tend to be games that never see no end. Even if you do finish the storyline, the game still has extra stuff, and other games. So why not set-up a time to play it alongside the other games? You can play alone and then later, play with somebody else. So that means you can take down zombies in Resident Evil while still taking down other players in DOTA 2.

Fit In Multiplayer As Well

There will be times when somebody will want to do co-op or versus modes of a game. In that case, let it be. Heck, if one of your chosen games has a co-op games, then let your friend join you! It’s a good way to deal with the backlog and have fun.

Finish Games You Started Before, But Never Finished

This is obvious: finish something you started but never finished. Seriously, this backlog is going to go deeper than a canyon, so you might as well just finish. And besides, don’t you want to see how it all ends in this backlog game? Then do it now and finish it.

Avoid Buying New Games

Want to know why I’m suggesting this? My backlog is big. REALLY BIG. I have over 200+ Steam Games and 50+ games (and growing) in the PlayStation Plus catalogue. Not even half of these games have been played so as much as possible, avoid buying new games. Unless the new games are something you eyed for a long time, just tackle the backlog first.

Get Rid of Some Games

While I do have a big catalog, there are some games I just don’t like to play at all. Some we’re bundled games and some… never mind. So leave them be. You can feel glad they’re nothing more than garbage.

So these are the ways to deal with the backlog of video games. If you have any comments or suggestions, leave us one at the bottom. So, Confitdent gamers, ready to deal with your backlog?