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Dog Left Alone At Airport With A Heartbreaking Note About Abuse

Dog Left Alone At Airport With A Heartbreaking Note About Abuse

Nothing in this world is more painful than knowing that you have been abandoned. And it’s heartbreaking to see poor animals being left alone in the world. Not only they’re helpless, but who knows what could happen to them if they get on wrong hands. Fortunately, this 3-month-old Chihuahua will soon find out how great is the world around him, right after his owner left him at the airport with a soul-crushing note…

20. Alone and Scared

Chewy was alone, injured and the only thing he had was a note from his owner. What was at first believed to be an act of cruelty, we would soon find out that it was actually an act of grace.

19. A Cry For Help

It looked like the owner could no longer take the Chihuahua with her. But why would someone abandon their own puppy in a place like that? She did it because of this horrible situation.

18. Heartbreaking Separation

Looking at the cute little puppy, we couldn’t imagine why someone would give him away. That is until we saw what was written in the note. It was obvious that the dog has been abandoned, but the owner was heartbroken.

17. A Plushie to Make Things Better

The best thing about puppies is that they can be easily distracted by toys, so Chewy was calmed down with a toy until people around him figured out what to do about this cute furry baby.

16. ‘I’m Chewy’

The note was handwritten and said that the owner was a lady that was in an abusive relationship. She flew away and did not afford to pay the flight for her puppy. You won’t believe her next words!

15. No Other Option

The note continues: ‘my ex-boyfriend kicked my dog when we were fighting and he has a big knot on his head. He probably needs a vet.’ Someone saw the poor dog, read the note and immediately went with Chewy to the vet.

14. Her Last Words

‘I love Chewy sooo much — please love and take care of him.’ And so they did! Chewy was taken at the Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue. The founder and president of the rescue, Linda Gilliam, read that story and was immediately in tears.

13. Foster Care

He accepted the poor puppy and asked her foster to take him to the vet. Fortunately, the puppy was fine. He had no signs of abuse or trauma, but he was kept in foster and medical attention to make sure everything was fine.

12. The Foster Parent, Patricia Montano

This case was very important, as it rose awareness. Montano stated that usually, in domestic violence ‘pets are the silent victims’. Abusers pick on pets because women love them and it’s a way of hurting them through hurting their pets. Fortunately, this is what happened to the puppy next…

11. A New Life

Chewy was starting a new life and was in good hands. But it wasn’t all over! The owner had to know that her puppy is fine and is waiting for her. Unfortunately, they didn’t find her. So, they did this…

10. Making it to the News

Everyone was so impressed by the story, that they turned to the media. The story soon made Chewy famous. It was a way to let the owner know that the puppy was taken care of and he will have a great life.

9. ‘Take Care of Him’

Gilliam hoped that other people who were in the same situation will know that local rescue groups are always there to help them and their pets. Gilliam needed to say this in her interview…

8. You’re a Brave Woman

‘We also wanted to try and get the message to Chewy’s mom that she did a brave thing’, said Gilliam, knowing that the abused owner would see the video.

7. Would Chewy Find a Forever Home?

A lot of time passed and the owner didn’t contact the rescue group. It was the right time for the animal rescue and the founder to start looking for a new home. Will the tiny dog find someone to cuddle with?

6. Thousands of Applications

The puppy was so famous now that as soon as he was up for adoption, thousands of applications were sent to the rescue group. They had to choose the right family for this little guy, so the founder found a solution!

5. Chewy is a Native

The best solution was to keep Chewy in Las Vegas, so he found a new family and remained a native. This way, he would be in the same city if the owner would want to pay a visit in the future.

4. Infinite Cuddles

Chewy has found someone to love him, now that the former owner was gone. He’s found a new home and someone he can rely on. We hope that the same happened to the former owner and that she escaped that toxic relationship.

3. Check Out This Handsome Fur Ball

Chewy grew up to be a handsome boy that keeps stealing our hearts. We’re happy he is now fine and healthy. But what happened to the first owner? Would she ever come back and tell us her story?

2. Awesome Times

Chewy was in for a treat! It’s great to be a little dog because you’re allowed to go everywhere! Pick the cute fur ball up and go to concerts, malls and so on! He’s getting all the fun and attention, and it’s obvious why he’s so excited.

1. Abusive Relationships

If you or someone else that you know is in an abusive relationship, it’s very important to get help from a specialized assistance. You’ll not only save yourself, but your pet will also be safe.