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Dogs Trapped By Lava Flows Are Rescued Just In Time

Dogs Trapped By Lava Flows Are Rescued Just In Time

Natural catastrophes are unavoidable, especially when we’re talking about volcanoes. Unfortunately, a woman, among the thousands of other citizens, had to leave her home and all possessions to escape the Kilauea volcano eruption. When she knew she’d lose everything, Carol Hosley would never believe that it also meant she would lose her both dogs.

You won’t believe how it all happened! In just one moment, Brus and Little Dude vanished into thin air, leaving Hosley shocked. But don’t worry, this story has a happy ending. Read along!

20. An Emergency Evacuation

Hosley had some strange visitors one night at 2 a.m. Little did she know that an emergency crew was outside, banging on her door to hurry up and leave her apartment. A vent started spewing lava, and she was in danger.

19. Lava Was Destroying the Neighborhood

There was no time to waste, so the terrified owner started packing a few things as the firemen demanded her to immediately evacuate the site. Sulfur and dioxide gas was close by, and everyone was on edge…

18. Everyone Was Terrified

Hosley was ready to get her two rescue dogs with her. She could lose everything, but at least she would have her two best friends by her side. However, Brus was equally terrified, but for this weird reason.

17. Brus Was Also Scared But for Another Reason

Brus was a difficult pup, as he was very nervous and scared around men. The local shelter – Aloha Ilio Rescue, had a difficult time finding him a home. He lived in foster care for two years, and then he finally met the perfect mom – Carol Hosley!

16. Stranger Danger!

No matter how much he loved his mom, when he saw strange men entering his house, Brus just ran out the door and never looked back. Little Dude, the other rescue dog, saw how terrified Brus was, so he immediately followed his furry sibling!

15. A Matter of Time

Hosley was completely desperate, as the emergency crew didn’t want to wait for her until she would find Brus and Little Dude. She had to move on, but she also called the Aloha Ilio Rescue, asking for advice or help…

14. She Had to Leave

Evacuating and saving people is a number one priority in such cases, so the firemen just tried to do their job. Nobody knew how far the pup ran. Aloha Ilio Rescue wrote on their Facebook page this heartbreaking post.

13. Searching For Lost Pets

Carol couldn’t wait for her dogs, as the firemen were her only way to stay safe and away from the volcano. “And she is in her 70s. She had to leave,” explained Aloha Ilio Rescue in their post. However, they started a rescue mission…

12. We’ll Find Them!

The president of the rescue, Daylynn Kyles, couldn’t bear the thought that Brus and his furry brother would end this way, so she and a rescue team of volunteers went to find them and other lost pets.

11. It Was Tough…

The mission could have turned deadly, but the volunteers started to look for pets in the deserted neighborhood, around the lava flows and other cracks in the ground. Then, they found this…

10. Fresh Footprints

On May 11, the rescue wrote on their Facebook: ‘We left a crate and food for him. There are fresh footprints, his size, on Luana Street in the mud. If you see him PM us. Women only. He is terrified of life as it is … men send him over the top.’ Ten days later…

9. Ten Days Passed…

Kyles stated in an interview that they kept looking for the pups for ten days. Then, one day, Kyles returned to the abandoned neighborhood with two other women. In the distance, the volcano kept on throwing lava bombs…

8. He’s There!

Then, between a cooled lava flow and a fence, they saw something move. Kyles said that the two pups ‘were stuck behind a fence, and couldn’t get out because of the lava that surrounded them. It was crazy.’

7. They Were Terrified!

‘We just knew this dog was probably just terrified,’ added Kyles. Nonetheless, the rescuers had to carve their way through the vines and get to free the pups. Thankfully, they weren’t as sick as they were scared!

6. Crawling Under the Fence

Donna Pacheco is the vice president of Aloha Ilio Rescue, and she explained how it all happened. One of the rescuers, Tanya Moore thought that the dogs ‘crawled into a hole in the bush most likely made by feral pigs.’ Then she saw the pups…

5. Surrounded By Lava

‘Brus and Little Dude [were] hunkered down along a fence surrounded by lava,’ added Donna. Then, when they heard the rescuers, they started barking. Tanya climbed the fence and gave Kerry the dogs.

4. Finally, Safe!

In the end, both pups were safe. They had many bites from red ants, but considering the days they were alone, these pups looked quite good! And when they finally saw their mom, everything turned out great.

3. ‘I Got the Dogs!’

Hosley was so happy to see her pups alive and well: ‘I’m just thrilled to death, I just couldn’t be happier. The other stuff is stuff, but I got the dogs.’ Hosley will have to find a place to live, and her pups will stay at the Aloha Ilio Rescue until then.

2. Aloha Ilio Rescue

On Facebook, all fans followed the updates and were so happy to hear that the rescue worked so hard to save the lost pups and bring them back to their owners. And when you think Aloha Ilio Rescue relies only on donations…

1. ‘Teamwork at Its Finest’

Rescuer Tanya Moore wrote on the posts with Brus and Little Dude that ‘It was extremely rewarding just to see them safe. It was teamwork at its finest.’ And these awesome rescuers also saved this lost cat!