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Kitten With Funny Face Finds Love When Introduced To New Big Sister

Kitten With Funny Face Finds Love When Introduced To New Big Sister

You never know where you might find love and today’s incredible story will show you that despite their differences, a funny looking cat became best friends with a dog! The most amazing thing about this is how much the dog started caring for the little kitten after it saw that something is wrong with her face.

20. Little Willow

This little cat is called Willow and as you can clearly see, she was born with a facial deformity. Even though this didn’t affect her health at all, the little kitty was sad because she noticed how everyone looked at her…

19. Rescued Cat

Willow’s original family didn’t want to have her because of her funny looking face and they threw her out on the streets. The little kitten didn’t have anywhere to go and her future was looking grim until she met Lori!

18. Meeting Lori

Lori is a teacher from Tampa, Florida and she found Willow in her front yard. Lori had no idea how Willow arrived at her door but her heart melted when she heard her meowing and calling for help. What do you think Lori did next?

17. Saving Willow

Lori knew that she couldn’t simply leave the kitten out in the cold and she decided to take her in. The first thing that Lori did was to give Willow a bath because she was dirty from living on the streets. Anf then…

16. Ball Of Fur

The little ball of fur started following Lori everywhere she went. This was adorable to see and Lori realized that Willow was getting attached to her. However, Lori didn’t know if her other house pet would like having Willow around…

15. Getting Comfortable

As Willow was getting comfortable around Lori’s house, the woman started worrying about what might happen when she lets Willow meet her dog, Ella. The woman decided to take a risk and she couldn’t believe her eyes what Ella did when she met Willow.

14. Ella And Willow


To Lori’s surprise, Ella rushed straight towards Lori. To make things even better, the little kitten started giving Ella kisses and Lori knew that these two are going to become great friends.

13. Clever Dog

Ella is a clever dog because she quickly realized that the little kitten needs help. Also, Ella didn’t care about little Willow’s facial deformity and she liked her for who she was. The next photo is adorable!

12. Giving Willow Lots Of Love

The clever dog wanted to make sure that Willow feels safe and comfortable around the house and she smothered her with love at every chance she got. Lori says that she never expected this to happen, but she is more than happy that it did!

11. Strong Bond

The two had a strong bond and this made Lori happy because she knew that she took the right decision by adopting Willow. The next picture will show you how cute these two animals were when they first met!

10. Meeting For The First Time

These two pictures show us that Willow didn’t have a care in the world when she first met Ella. I guess no one told her that cats and dogs are supposed to be natural enemies. The next picture will show you why Lori is an amazing person!

9. Taking Willow To The Shelter

Lori says that she thought about taking Willow to the shelter when she first saw the little kitten, but she knew that this wouldn’t be wise. You won’t believe what made Lori change her mind about taking Willow to the local shelter!

8. Adoptive Family

The reason why Lori didn’t take Willow to the local shelter is because the poor kitty wouldn’t be able to find an adoptive because of her funny looking face. As if this wasn’t sad enough, you will be shocked to find out what shelters do to cats who can’t find adoptive families!

7. Getting Put Away

If Lori did decide to take Willow to the local shelter, then the poor kitty would’ve been put to sleep because no one would take her in. This is heartbreaking, but shelters need to do this in order to not get overcrowded. But this cat is special…

6. Special Cat

All that matters is that Lori doesn’t care about how Willow’s face looks like, and that she loves her for who she is. Willow has a wonderful personality and this is the only thing that Lori cares about.

5. Playing Together

Ella also doesn’t care about Willow’s looks. The dog loves playing around with Willow and she always makes sure to cuddle with her so that the little kitten doesn’t miss her mom. The next picture will bring a smile to your face!

4. Sleeping Kitty

Another great thing about Willow is that she is very quiet. She doesn’t cause any problems around the house and this makes it easier for Lori to take care of her. Isn’t Willow amazing?

3. Pretty Lady

Just like all girls love to do, Willow plays around with Lori’s necklaces. Lori doesn’t get mad about this and instead, she loves taking pictures of her pretty cat and posting them on social media. Why do you think Lori does that?

2. Raising Awareness

Lori keeps posting pictures of Willow on social media in hopes of raising awareness about special cats like her. Lori believes that if people see how pretty Willow is, then they might consider adopting a cat as well.

1. Sun Beams

Willow is undoubtedly a special cat and she was lucky to meet Lori. There aren’t that many people who would adopt a cat such as Willow and this makes Lori a wonderful person. Nonetheless, what did you think of Willow’s story?