Travel to Cerro Quemado in Quetzaltenango, only minutes away from Xela, and you will be greeted with volcanic rocks which makes the area ideal for climbing. If you are in search of fit travel activities, then this is the place you are looking for. You can hike in this part of an inactive volcano dome with cypress trees that are richly growing in the dry lava. There is an excellent view of the Quetzaltenango from the peak which is called Candelaria.


If you are an active person who seeks to walk to remote places, then this adventure is for you. You will be guided by professionals and you will learn so much about the culture of Guatemala. During the walk, you will pass by volcanoes, mountain villages, jungles, and peaks to make your vacation a memorable one. You will get the chance to mingle with the locals and experience their hospitality. There are travel packages that consist of a day or up to three days of hiking.

  1. Santiago crater – this is a one day walk and it could also be the best hike of your life. Here, you can see the crater and witness for yourself the incredible volcanic eruptions. The level of this trek is difficult, so be in for a lot of challenges.
  2. Santa Maria volcano full moon – this is one of the travel packages that is offered wherein you will climb Santa Maria at night and experience for yourself when the sun comes up and the sky turns into gold – a beauty to behold.
  3. Santiaguito crater – it’s a very difficult hike but worth all the effort. It will be a once-in-a lifetime experience.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is another challenging fit travel activity that you can enjoy if you visit this place. You will be going to La Muela, an extinct lava field at Almolonga Valley. You will be greeted with chunky rock pillars and there is a magnificent view of the city. There are bolted climbing routes that would raise your adrenaline. Add to that, you will be passing by sacred sites where you can hear chants of religious devotees which surely add an element of excitement.


The rough terrain of Guatemala will allow you to hike and climb volcanoes depending on your fitness level. You can climb rock walls and navigate through raging rivers. The place offers extreme activities for the toughies.

  1. Santo Tomas and Zunil Volcano – walk to the top of the volcano and see the majestic view from above. You will see the whole of Quetzaltenango and fourteen other volcanoes plus the lake Atitlan.
  2. Trek summit to summit – this will begin at the summit of Alaska at an altitude of 3100 meters. Then you travel to volcano Zunil which will take about four hours of trekking. After enjoying the view from the summit, you can proceed to the summit of Santo Tomas. You will end the trek at the hot springs of Fuentes Georginas.

Guatemala is surely a place for a challenging outdoor adventure.