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Homemade Air Fresheners: Do It Yourself

Air fresheners don’t only make homes smell great, they also improve your mood. That is why many people spend a lot of money on expensive air fresheners. However, you don’t have to shell out wads of cash just to make your home smell great. There are good alternatives to commercially produced air fresheners: homemade air fresheners. Yes, you can make your own air freshener at home, and they don’t cost as much as commercially produced ones.

Making Your Own Air Freshener

There are two popular scents that stores and restaurants use to make their place smell great: Williams-Sonoma scents and Tommy Bahama scents. Though these scents are considered expensive, they’re really not that pricey to make.

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Williams-Sonoma Scent

Pour 2 cups of water in a saucepan then add a sprig of rosemary and a teaspoon of vanilla. Squeeze half a lemon, then throw the rind in the mixture. Let the mixture boil, then steam until your whole house smells classy and fresh.

Tommy Bahama Scent

If you want to relax and feel like you’re on vacation, whip up this scent mixture. Pour 2 cups of water in a saucepan then mix in some sliced citrus, pineapple juice, and coconut extract. You can also pour in some rum to make your air freshener smell great.

These homemade air fresheners should be steamed until your house smells good, but be careful to not let your mixture get dry from boiling.

Tips For Making Your Own Air Fresheners

Speaking of homemade air fresheners getting dry from boiling and steaming, you can prevent this by using a slow cooker. Instead of boiling your air fresheners in a saucepan, you can just dump your mixture in a slow cooker then place it where you want. This is quite convenient because you can put the slow cooker anywhere, as long as there is an outlet. This is be great for making bedrooms smell good.

Another good tip in making your whole house smell great is to open all doors inside your house, including the bathroom doors. This will get the steam of your homemade air fresheners to travel around your house more freely.


These homemade air fresheners can be stored by pouring them in sealed containers and freezing them. You can thaw them and steam them again when you need to. Just make sure that you pack them in single-use amounts only, so you don’t have to thaw a whole batch only to use a few cups of your concoction.

Storing them in beautiful glass containers is also a great idea as these can serve as gifts whenever you invite people to your house for a celebration. You can put ribbons around the lids to make your homemade air fresheners more presentable. Putting more citrus and sprigs of fresh herbs will also make your air freshener bottles look more attractive.