Going on vacation is often a hassle for people who don’t know how to score better hotel rooms. Because people often just call for reservations, they’re often dissatisfied with the rooms that are reserved, and they’re disappointed by the kind of welcome they receive from staff.

If you want a hotel upgrade, you need to know some tricks for how to score better hotel rooms for your next travel. The best hotel rooms aren’t booked randomly, so you need to use these tips to reserve one of the best rooms in your chosen hotel.

Scoring a Better Hotel Room

To get a hotel upgrade, you need to prepare your stay at your preferred hotel. Below are some things you need to keep in mind next time you’re planning for a vacation.

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Use Social Media

When you’re planning to stay at a hotel, make sure to mention it on your social media account. You can use your Facebook account to give your chosen hotel a hint that you’re going to book a room at their hotel, so that they prepare a nice room for you.

Now that the hotel staff knows you’re fond of using social media sites to mention the products and establishments you frequent, they’ll make your stay is remarkable so that you’ll help them promote their hotel.

Mention An Occasion

If you’re planning a vacation to celebrate, make sure you mention it on social media sites and to the hotel’s representative when you’re making your reservation. This will let them know that you’re staying at their hotel for an important occasion, which will prompt them to give your room a hotel upgrade. You can also ask for birthday or anniversary cards upon your arrival to emphasize the occasion.

Things to Avoid Using at Hotels

Aside from scoring better hotel rooms, it’s important to know what things you should avoid doing or using when you’re staying at a hotel, regardless of how expensive the hotel is. A hotel upgrade will not rid these issues, so it’s best to be aware of them.

Clean the Remote

One of the dirtiest things in a hotel room is the remote. Almost all guests use the remote to watch television, so you can expect there are millions of germs and bacteria lodged in the buttons. So, better clean the remote control before using it.

Clean the Toilet Seat

Another thing you should clean is the toilet seat. This will ensure that you’re sitting on a sanitized seat rather than risking your health.

Another thing you should remember in staying at hotel rooms, aside from hotel upgrade, is sanitation of the things you use for food consumption. Never use a hotel room’s glasses. Instead, use plastic drinking cups. Trust me.