The benefits of sleeping on the schedule have to be one of the most underrated aspects of living a fit and successful lifestyle. If you’re suffering from middle of the night wake ups and poor sleep quality, this article is definitely for you. If you’re trying to just become more successful or become more fit, you’ll really find the content of this article to be very informative and extremely enlightening.

Stay Out of Bed to Sleep Better

People who really do want to sleep more often tend to make a conscious effort; however, wind up spending too much time in bed and not enough of it sleeping. The way to get yourself on a much better sleep schedule is to make sure that there is no dozing off for naps prior to your bedtime and at your bedtime, you go to bed only if you’re feeling tired. You can stay in bed wide awake as long as you don’t feel stressed, otherwise you have to leave the bed and do some other activity until the sleepiness returns. No the matter what you do, leave the bed at or before your scheduled wake-up time – even on weekends.  Do not sleep in. Do not hit snooze. Taking power naps of 20 minutes are allowed, but only between 3 o’clock and 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

Going Through the Motions of Sleep

The first week shifting to a sleep schedule is going to be very challenging. You’re going to feel over-tired and restless. At nighttime, you may feel lethargic and you may be desperate to go grab a bottle of my quilt to just make a self fall asleep, but do not and just be strong – I promise you that great results on the way. By the second week you should be able to sleep terrific through the night and it will almost feel like you have a few extra hours in your day, too. Having your body on a strict sleep schedule would ideally be going to sleep by 11 at night and waking up at around 7 AM.  This would give your body the recommended eight hours of sleep which is great for recovery. It will also leave you feeling energized in the morning, rather than holding onto your blanket, tapping that snooze button or throwing your cell phone alarm across the room.

Remove the Stress from Your Restful Place Where You Sleep

We highly recommend keeping your cell phone and any devices away from the bed. If you use the alarm on your phone to be your alarm clock, we recommend putting it on airplane mode. This will stop you from getting calls in the middle of the night through in the morning from your drunk or bored friends, but you will still be able to use your mobile device as your alarm. Nothing good happens after 1 AM and almost always it can wait until the morning. So you won’t be missing out on much of anything.

Want to learn more about the benefits of sleep and how to get more rest. Check out the National Sleep Foundation.