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Lioness Gets Trapped Into A Well, Then Villagers Come Up With The Craziest Plan

Lioness Gets Trapped Into A Well, Then Villagers Come Up With The Craziest Plan

As curious creatures, animals often find themselves in some pretty odd situations. While at times it can be endearing, other times it can be downright dangerous. When they do happen to get into these sticky situations, they often need help from others to make it out all right. Here’s a crazy tale of a lioness that got stuck in an 80-foot well and a group of villagers that underestimated just how difficult getting her out would be.

20. Dangerous Situation

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Sometimes animals can put themselves into some wildly dangerous situations. This is exactly what happened to one baby lioness that found herself in the small Indian village of Amrapur. While making her way around, the lioness fell down an 80-foot well and it was up to the locals to rescue her.

But it would be no easy challenge.

19. The Village

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For those who are unaware, the village of Amrapur is in a western region of India. This part of India is known as Gujarat. The area is known for her extensive nature filled with wildlife, national parks, and many rare species.

18. Asiatic Lion

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In Gujarat, the wildlife and rare species are free to roam throughout many of the town’s villages. The most stunning species that can be found walking around is the Asiatic lion. This lion breed can only be found in this area of India. They are smaller than African lions and have a specific fold under their bellies.

You won’t believe just how rare this species is!

17. Rare Breed

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While this breed of lions is quite stunning, there aren’t many of them left. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) classifies them as an endangered species on its Red List of Threatened Species. There are only around 490 Asiatic lions left on the planet and efforts put into saving the species haven’t gone well.

This is why each lion’s life is worth so much to the villagers.

16. Life or Death

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With the species at an all-time low, it has become a serious effort amongst the villagers to keep the lions alive. So when this scared lioness found herself in a life or death situation, the villagers made a consorted effort to rescue her and the situation was harder than you might have ever imagined…

15. A Pride Visits

Image: Scientist Magazine

The incident occurred in July 2017 in early morning. A pride of Asiatic lions was making their way through the village of Amrapur. The local villagers did not want to hurt the lions or have the lions hurt them, so they try to scare the lions away from their home. 

Unfortunately, the plan went wrong quite fast.

14. The Lioness Falls

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While one of the villagers was trying to direct the pride away from the town, a two-year-old lioness got separated from the pride. When she realized that she was all alone she began to panic, like anyone without his or her family at such a young age would.

As she tried to jump over the opening of a 80-foot well to get across, she suddenly fell into it and found her way at the bottom. 

13. Staying Afloat

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The villagers were successful in leading the pride to a nearby wooded area, however, this also left the lioness abandoned. After the lions left, the villagers saw that there was a lioness inside of their water well and that she had been treading in 20-foot water for several hours. The villagers knew she couldn’t keep afloat for much longer…

12. The Situation

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Since the villagers had no idea what to expect, they contacted an experienced lion tracker, Rahim Baloch, who was at the nearby Sasan Gir National Park. Baloch quickly assessed the situation and knew it would be a very difficult task as large animals are typically sedated when rescued. However, because she was treading water, any form of sedation would cause the lioness to drown!

11. The Idea

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Finally, Baloch brainstormed long enough & came up with an idea. He would put himself in a metal cage and have the villagers slowly lower him into the well. Once at the bottom, he could lasso the lion. Baloch understood that he would be risking his life but he felt that it was worth it to save this endangered species.

But was it worth it in the end?

10. The Rope

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Baloch created a lasso out of a thick rope and brought it down with him. He got the rope around the lioness’s body and although she pulled away from him and put up a fight, he was able to secure the rope around her!

But it was no easy task to just pull her out…

9. Genius Plan

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When the rope was fastened around the lioness, Baloch alerted the villagers to begin pulling her up. Many strong men were needed for the job and it took a lot of effort to pull her out. Slowly, but surely, they were pulling her out of there and Baloch was proud of his genius plan.

8. Rescued

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As the lioness was brought up to safety, she began to show signs of agitation and fear. She attempted to swat at the men rescuing her and let out a tiny roar, but the villagers quickly placed her into a cage without hurting her or themselves in any way.

So what did they do with the lioness?

7. Animal Care

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When they got the lioness safely into the cage the villagers and Baloch felt greatly relieved and accomplished. From the well, the lioness was brought to the Sasan Gir Animal Care Center, a center that specializes in Asiatic lions. There she was examined and you won’t believe the condition she was in!

6. Her Condition

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After tumbling down and spending hours in a well, you would think that the lioness would be in some pretty bad shape but that wasn’t the case at all. When the veterinarians examined her they found that she was in very good condition. This lioness was quite the lucky one but did she ever reunite with her family?

5. Recovery

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With the animal experts at Sasan Gir at her side, the lioness made a quick recovery. Once she seemed well enough to fend for herself, they released her back into the wild into a forest outside of Amrapur. The villagers and animal experts all hope that the lioness will find her pride and reunite with them once again.

However, this isn’t the first time this endangered species was in very sticky situations.

4. Another Incident

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Despite how tragic this story is, Asiatic lions have found themselves in uncertain situations like these before. Back in 2014, an Asiatic lion in Junagadh, India, found himself having to pull out by rope from a different 60-foot well.

But did this lion fare as well as the lioness?

3. Safely Retrieved

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Luckily for this eight-year-old lion, everyone was able to pull him out to safety without sustaining any injuries. He was then brought to Sasan Gir, just like the lioness, and managed to make a full recovery.

How lucky did both of these lions get?!

2. The Reality

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How incredibly lucky are these two lions that despite such long falls they did not sustain any serious injuries? With a fall like that, they could have easily broken their necks or completely fallen to their deaths.

1. The Villagers

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These lions, however, have been lucky to be in the care of the people in the Gujarati region of India as they are very appreciative of this rare species that live among them. Many of them will go to serious extremes to make sure that this breed stays alive. These dedicated villagers continue to work to conserve the lives of the Asiatic lions.