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Iraq War Veteran Decides to Commit Suicide, But Hears Something in Bushes that Changes his Life

Iraq War Veteran Decides to Commit Suicide, But Hears Something in Bushes that Changes his Life

This story is about the war veteran Josh Marino, who gave his all in Iraq war. Later, things changed so dramatically in his life that he decided to quit and commit suicide. But when he went to smoke his last cigarette, he heard some noise in the bushes and then something heart touching happened that changed his life forever!

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20) Who is Josh Marino?

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In 2001, Josh Marino left his new house in Pittsburgh to join the US Army. Later in 2007, He was deployed in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. Army Sgt. Josh Marino is one of the survivors who fought in the Iraq war and returned back to U.S safely.

But what made such a brave soldier to quit? Read it on Next Slide!

19) Marino Caught Off Guard in Iraq!

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Three months into his tour, when Marino was walking back to base, he was attacked. “All of a sudden, there was a massive explosion on the other side of the wall and showered me with rocks,” he recalled the sudden onslaught.

He ran over to a concrete bunker but it was too late. Marino was already hit by some flying debris.

Still he didn’t quit, what made him quit then? Keep reading to know about this brilliant man’s story

18) Marino was saved, not really though….

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Josh Marino was sent for medical diagnosis quickly. Reports came positive and he was reported to be physically intact.

Post diagnosis Marino said, “In the Army, If you don’t look like you’re injured, there must not be anything wrong.”

17) The soldier carried on

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Army Sgt. Josh Marino served his role in Iraq and later returned to Ft. Riley in Kansas in May of 2008.

Marino tried his best to live a happy life, but something was wrong, really wrong, Read it on next slide.

16) The life of Josh Marino was hit hard

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Josh suffered multiple concussions and a traumatic brain injury. He looked to be okay but was defeated by the war.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has taken down this soldier.

15) What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is sadly a very common affliction for many soldiers. Those brave men who have witnessed conflict carry an invisible wound  for the rest of their life. It causes incredible suffering even after the guns have become silent.

14) Josh’s suffering

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“A lot of us come home without realising we are bringing the war home with us.” said Josh Marino. Pain and wounds, both seen and unseen are an unfortunate fact of a war.

Things were only getting worse for Josh.

13) The Pain Intensified

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Marino was dealing with memory loss and was finding it really difficult to concentrate or focus. Josh said, “I was waking up and going to sleep with headaches, It really tests your metal when nobody believes you.”

“It gets to the point where it felt like no one understands”, he added.

12) Marino cuts off from the world

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With nobody seem to be believing him, Josh made the decision to live alone. He maintained minimal communication with his known ones and went out to fight against his problems on his own.

You can see where things were going…

11) Josh Quits

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Marino got to the point when he felt like he didn’t have anything to live for.

The brave soldier gave up. In a bid to end his suffering, he though living this world will be the best thing to do.

“I didn’t want to deal with it anymore”, said a broken Josh. Marino wrote his goodbye note to the world.

10) Out for the last smoke

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After finishing his goodbye letter on his computer, Josh grabbed a knife and went outside in the rain for a final cigarette .

Then something happened that  changed his life forever.

9) HUSSHHH HUSSHHH from the bushes

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As he was going to finish his last cigarette and then kill himself, Josh heard a hustling noise from the bushes.

What came from behind the bushes picked Josh from the deepest depths of despair to the brightest hope.

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8) Angel straight from the bush

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Straight out from the bushes, something touched Josh’s feet.

What was it? Josh’s life saviour!


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Life had other plans for Josh.

Meowing out of the bushes, came a stray black and white kitten next to him.

6) Josh’s heart was touched

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The surprised Josh with this kitty encounter cried and said, “He just walked up and started rubbing up against my leg and let me pet him, I broke down crying, burst into tears.”

“I thought, ‘Someone did care.’ Something with a warm heart and soft fur came up to lend a hand, and it really did help.” he added.

5) Josh found a reason to live

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Josh felt that the little kitten “wanted to know what he was doing,”.  He broke down, returned home and deleted the suicide note on his computer.

But the cat’s role wasn’t limited to this, Keep reading to know more.

4) Friendship started between Josh and ‘Scout’

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For weeks, Marino would keep an open can of tuna near the bushes and  then wait for his new friend ‘Scout’ and other strays cats to join him. Everyday, the little cat continued to return in Josh’s party.

Josh Marino recalled how Scout would jump into his lap and sit, while the other cats didn’t even bothered. Making him special.

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3) Josh was heading into the right direction

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Those daily visits were instrumental in guiding Josh’s life back into a positive direction.

“It was a complete 180, He restored something in me that was lost.”, a rejuvenated Josh said.

Josh credits Scout for saving his life, “I stopped thinking about all my problems, and started thinking about all his problems, and what I could do to help him,”

2) The Josh & Scout bond strengthened

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Josh took away Scout as his pet to his home in Pittsburgh. Later, with the help of Scout, he was able to defeat his depression. He got inspired to propose and marry his wife Becky.

“If it wasn’t for Scout I wouldn’t be around,” stated a new Josh. “If It wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t even have started up a conversation with my wife.”

Head on to the last slide for a lovely ending!

1)The GIFT

It is the end of the beautiful story about how one cat saved a lost veteran’s life. How powerful the bond between humans and animals is, can surely tug anybody’s heart strings.

Here’s a lovely video testimony that Josh made to highlight his remarkable friendship with Scout. Josh made it, but unfortunately Scout couldn’t and left this world because of Leukaemia.

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