When This Man Saw A Young Woman Walking Towards Her Seat In Plane He Immediately Offered Her His Seat, You Will Be Amazed To Know The Reason Behind His Move - Natural Healthy Living

When This Man Saw A Young Woman Walking Towards Her Seat In Plane He Immediately Offered Her His Seat, You Will Be Amazed To Know The Reason Behind His Move

When This Man Saw A Young Woman Walking Towards Her Seat In Plane He Immediately Offered Her His Seat, You Will Be Amazed To Know The Reason Behind His Move

While traveling by plane is one of the most convenient and quick ways to get somewhere, it can also be pretty uncomfortable. Seating in a place can often be super uncomfortable as you have to be in an upright position without a lot of legroom to spread out. However, sometimes a plane ride can be more remarkable than you may have thought. When a man saw a young woman sitting in her seat he immediately approached her with an amazing proposition. 

20. Flying 

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Flying can be pretty annoying, especially when you take into account what little room you have on a plane. Although flying is an amazing way to get from one place to another in a short amount of time, it can be both an exhilarating and frustrating experience. 

19. Uncomfortable 

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One of the biggest complaints that people usually have about flying is how uncomfortable it can be. After all, you’re stuck in a small area in an upright position for hours. It doesn’t always make for the most luxurious experience. 

18. Amazing Gesture

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However, sometimes the kindest of acts can occur during the most uncomfortable situations. When one man was sitting in first class, he noticed a female army officer who was still in uniform. That’s when he decided to do something amazing. 

17. Army 

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Many former or current members of the United States Armed Forces get special treatment in the country that they were willing to serve. After serving their country and working hard to protect it, it is only right that we treat our vets and current servicemen and women with respect and special privileges. 

16. Special Privilege 

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In the case of flying on certain airlines, military personnel are able to board the plane earlier than everyone else on the flight. This allows them to get to their seat before the crazy rush occurs. However, they aren’t the only ones boarding the plane early. 

15. Boarding Early 

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First class flyers are also able to board the plane early. This means that both first class flyers and military personnel board the plane at the same time. However, unless the military personnel paid for a first class seat out of pocket, they typically sit in the coach area. 

14. Spotted 

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However, one first class flyer seemed to have spotted the woman in her military uniform and realized that he had to do something amazing for her. After all, she had served the country that he loves so much. So the man got out of his seat and approached the woman. 

13. Approaching Her 

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The man knew that the army officer would be sitting in first class, so he walked over to her and said the following: “Sorry ma’am, I’m in your seat.” The army officer was immediately confused and thought that she may have sat in the wrong seat. That’s when she looked at her ticket. 

12. Ticket 

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The woman looked at her ticket and knew that she wasn’t sitting in the wrong seat. “What? No – I’m 31B,” she then replied. However, the man continued to insist that she should sit in the first class seat. 

11. A Thank You 

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The man respectfully explained that he wanted to thank the army officer for her service. He felt that the best way he could do that was to give up his first class seat to her. It was an amazingly thoughtful gesture. 

10. Stunned 

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The army officer was absolutely stunned by the man’s offer. She couldn’t believe that this man who had paid for a first class ticket was willing to give it up for her. She felt incredibly grateful to the man. 

9. Switching Seats 

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After a round of ‘thank you’s’ the two of them switched seats. The man then sat in the economy seating for the rest of the flight. Although the man wanted to remain anonymous, one passenger named Jessica Titus saw everything. She was absolutely touched by the man’s sweet gesture. 

8. Heartwarming 

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Jessica was incredibly touched the the act of generosity and wanted to give thanks to the man in her own way. She decided to slip him a note with a small bill attached to it. The note that she wrote was just as touching as well. 

7. The Note 

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In the note, Jessica thanked the man for his kindness. Then she attached a small bill to the note and told him to get some snacks and drinks on her. “Seat 31 B – Please accept a drink or snack on me. If everyone treated people the way you treated the servicewoman, the world would be a better place.”

6. Grateful 

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The man was certainly grateful to Jessica. After all, she was also trying to return a kindness. However, the man didn’t accept her money. 

5. Spoiler 

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Spoiler alert, he refused my offer. Do good. Recognize good. Make the world better,” the woman then wrote on Facebook. Jessica ended up sharing the story on her Facebook page and it immediately went viral. Everyone was blown away by the kindness shared between strangers. 

4. Huge Facebook Page 

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Eventually, a huge Facebook page came across the story and decided to share it on their platform. The page was Love What Matters and the story immediately went viral with their audience. In fact, it was liked by almost 40,000 people and shared by thousands.

3. Sharing Stories 

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The comments section also began to fill up with people’s personal stories. Many people began to share their own similar experiences. “Someone did this for my husband and I on our flight back to Kansas from California. Forever grateful for people’s appreciation for our service men and women, especially my husband,” Kate Nixon wrote.

2. Love Wins 

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Love in action for all 3 people – the service woman, the one giving up his seat, the one rewarding the one who gave up his seat. Thank you all. Love always wins,” Dianne Black wrote. It truly was a lovely moment shared between three wonderful individuals. 

1. Wonderful People

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It is stories like these that remind us about all of the wonderful people in the world. This was truly a touching moment shared between three individuals who just wanted to make the world a better place!