Vanadyl Sulfate is commonly found on various body building supplements these days. It comes in a stable and inorganic type of Vanadium, which is a unique kind of trace mineral that is commonly found on shellfish and mushrooms. The Vanadium is said to be very helpful in keeping the teeth and bones healthy. As a nutritional and body building supplement, the Vanadyl Sulfate is among the safest and the most effective herbal therapies for insulin as well as diabetes resistance.

How Does the Supplement Work?

The Vanadyl Sulfate has that insulin effect in the body and it works by stimulating the glucose uptake as well as the oxidation of it in the cells. This is the reason why this supplement is hailed to be very effective in treating insulin and diabetes. More specifically, having an average dose of 100 to 150 mg, the Vanadyl Sulfate can do the following:

  • Enhance the sensitivity of insulin.
  • Lower the blood sugar level.
  • Lessen the insulin requirements among people who suffer from Type 1 diabetes.
  • Lower the hemoglobin A1c.

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Several studies were conducted to prove the effectiveness of the Vanadyl Sulfate. On a study that measured the cholesterol level, the supplement has indeed helped to lower the LDL cholesterol level. This is very important for people who suffer from type 2 diabetes since they will be at a greater risk of heart diseases.

Will it Help to Increase Muscle Mass?

A lot of athletes from around the world have long been using the Vanadyl Sulfate to enhance their performance in sports. It is believed that such supplements are very effective in regulating the blood sugar level, just like the insulin.

Several studies also show that supplements that contain Vanadyl Sulfate can greatly help the muscle cells’ uptake on glucose. Basically, by imitating the actions of the insulin, the supplement helps to force more amino acids, proteins, as well as carbohydrates to get through the muscles and bulk them up. It is in this method how Vanadyl Sulfate can help in building muscles even better.

Is it Safe to Use?

There have been no reports of any harsh or harmful side effects that the Vanadyl Sulfate supplements can cause. However, it is very important to follow the proper dosage allowed daily. The recommended dosage for this supplement is 30 to 50 mg per day and should be taken along with meals.

There are lots of supplements these days that are made out of Vanadyl Sulfate although it is important to read the label well to find out if there are other chemicals added to it. While the Vanadyl Sulfate is totally safe for everyone, there are some companies that would add other toxic chemicals to it to make it even more effective and these are the things that cause the negative side effects.

Some customers complain about nausea and vomiting and this could be due to the chemicals that were added on the supplements.  Those who are under medication and are suffering from certain illnesses should check with their doctor if they are allowed to take the Vanadyl Sulfate supplement.