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Picking Up Women at the Beach

One of my favorite things to do is picking up women. One of my favorite places to go is the beach. The beach or a pool party is a great place to make new friends and to meet women. What I have for you are a few pieces of advice and methods to break the ice when approaching women at the beach.

Picking Up Women: Pre Beach

Make sure that you are comfortable in your own skin. By this I mean wear what you feel comfortable and confident in. People perceive you the way that you perceive yourself. The better you feel about yourself, the higher your level of confidence will be and the better you will come off. So, if you are a bit on the husky side – don’t be afraid to wear a shirt or hit the gym in preparation if this. It will make you more confident.

Depending on where you live and local laws, what you can wear and do on the beach may be different so please do not break any laws. In places like Panama City Beach, you can have open containers of alcohol on the beach. I am a frequent traveler to PCB where I host and coordinate spring break appearances and activities. Here are some must haves from a beach pro.

Picking Up Women: Must Have Items

  1. Cooler filled with frozen water bottles (it keeps your other refreshments cold and is there for when you need to get hydrated) and whatever mixed concoctions or beers you enjoy.
  2. Portable source of music with outdoor speakers (simply putting your iPod or iPhone in a solo cup will give it a speaker effect).
  3. Beer Pong Table or another social game.
  4. For the college kids out there, feel free to bring your greek life flags and banners to attract sorority girls.
  5. Sunglasses so you aren’t constantly squinting.

Picking Up Women: Location

When you get to the beach setting up at a prime location is key. You don’t want to be in an area with children and families and you want to be so close to the water that the tide rising becomes an issue. Preferably aim for an area that has good foot traffic and visibility is good. After all, you are trying to meet people. When we are doing events in Florida, we set up our table far enough from the event stage that we are not affected by what’s going on, but close enough that we can get shout outs from the DJs (people are always intrigued by “a somebody”).

Having the visibility and passer-by traffic makes it easy for people to approach you (no one likes to be rejected so asking to join a fun game while somebody is passing by is a lot smaller of a risk than walking a distance to an isolated group. This also provides ample opportunity to ask girls that you’re interested in to join in your game or to strike up conversations with people in the surrounding areas. Having an event or game with music provides a topic or conversation starter. A girl might ask you to play a song and you skip the whole awkward introduction phase or cheesy pick up line. Setting up a nice camp like this is usually a solid start to getting a party going and meeting girls on the beach. If you’re playing sports – pick one that is gender neutral and welcomes girls to play (like volleyball).

Picking Up Women: Separate from the Group

Groups of people are intimidating. People experience something similar to stage freight. Personally I love to meet new people even if it’s just for the sake of conversation or learning something new. What I always recommend to my friends when we hit the beach is taking some time to separate from the group and see what else is out there. You never know who you could meet or the new things you could learn. If you are too shy or prefer to not be alone, go off in groups of two from time to time. If you see a group of girls you would like to get to know better walk over and let them know that you have music and a beer pong game set up. If they are interested, they will come. This also shows that you aren’t afraid to set a plan which in most cases is an admirable characteristic. Another great opportunity is taking the group picture. If you see a group of girls and ones trying to take a picture, offer to take it so all of them can be in it. It’s a nice gesture and if the girls are interested in hanging out with you they will ask you what you’re doing or something else along those lines.

Picking Up Women: Key Takeaway

You need to be confident and present yourself and your beach presence as someone who is fun. No pressure, no cheesy gimmicks, nothing crazy. Cool, calm, collected, and confitdent.

Be sure to let me know how it goes and send me some videos and pictures of your beach set up![