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Scared Dog Found On A Field Can’t Stop Clinging To Her Rescuers

Scared Dog Found On A Field Can’t Stop Clinging To Her Rescuers

All dogs need a human to love and a shelter, but unfortunately for many pups in Redland, Florida, many irresponsible owners dumped their pets in a field. That’s where Natalie Olivieri, vice president of Furever Bully Love Rescue has seen many strays, out of which some have been abused. And when they saw Harper, they knew she needed help.

Olivieri couldn’t bear knowing that the pooch was going to be left there on the field, so they took her in. You won’t believe what happened next!

20. Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dog Project

It’s been years since the organization called ‘Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dog Project’ visits a dumping ground where thousands of strays live. But the organization cannot possibly help so many dogs…

19. Thousands of Abandoned Dogs Out There

Jessie Pena is the vice president of the group and said that they get to feed almost 100 dogs every day, going through almost 350 pounds of kibble. They had some help from another organization to raise funds…

18. Partnering Up with Furever Bully Love Rescue

The Furever Bully Love Rescue organization raised money to help with feeding the strays and even rescue them. And when Natalie Olivieri saw the place, she swore she would never forget those moments!

17. A Dumping Ground

Olivieri said that ‘the place is pretty much a dumping ground of dogs. People just leave them there.’ Pena was heartbroken, knowing that thousands of dogs were in that area. This is what she said…

16. It Was a Remote Place…

‘There are thousands of dogs out there. We only cover a small area. Redland is huge’, explained Pena. And when Olivieri got there for the first time, she was shocked to see a remote dirt road. She said you couldn’t find the road on your own.

15. No Dogs Around

After pulling their cars on the remote area, the teams didn’t see any dogs. Then when the volunteers started putting out the food, they started to appear. That’s when rescuers saw Harper, a young pooch…

14. Living in the Field For a Few Months

The volunteers have seen Harper before and they knew she has been around for almost five months. The poor pup was only one-year-old, meaning she was abandoned in the field as a young pup. Harper shocked Olivieri…

13. She Fell on the Ground

‘As soon as Harper approached us and we met, she just completely fell on the ground in fear’, said Olivieri. It was obvious that she was terrified by humans, meaning that she was abused as a pup. Sadly, that’s not all…

12. Covered in Scars

Harper was full of scars and Olivieri couldn’t leave her there: ‘There was no way we were going to leave her there.’ Little did they know that taking Harper with them would be such a difficult task. They took a leash…

11. She Wouldn’t Move!

After putting a leash around her neck, the rescuers tried to take her to the car, but Harper didn’t want to get up. She was too afraid, so they picked her up and placed her on a blanket, on the floor of the car. What happened next is amazing!

10. Harper Was Fine

Getting back in Orlando, Harper went for a vet check-up. She was anemic, had worms and a tooth infection. She was healthy otherwise, and certainly more frightened. Healing her soul would take some time…

9. Three Days Clinging to Her Rescuers

For three days, Harper didn’t have the courage to stand up. Whenever someone picked her up, she would cling to them as if they were her only hope. Jennifer Adorno, the president of Furever Bully Love Rescue, took Harper in her arms…

8. Holding Tight

‘I had never had a dog hold onto me so tight,’ said Adorno. Olivieri admitted that Harper could have acted like that because she was afraid to fall or she felt comfortable… She was probably still coping with trusting people.

7. Harper Was a New Pooch

Cheryl Kessler took Harper into foster care and after a few weeks, the dog completely changed. She was getting better and she was no longer afraid. Kessler said that ‘She leaves her crate and runs around outside.’ And that’s not all!

6. Donuts in the Backyard

‘She’s doing donuts in the backyard, and just being a very normal, typical dog. I love seeing her come out of her shell, and her personality come through,’ added Kessler. And then, the foster mommy found out this shocking news!

5. She’s More of a Dog

‘She’s becoming more of a dog – she’s learning that she’s going to get food every day and that she’s going to get love every day,’ said Olivieri, happy to know that Harper is now fully rehabilitated. But then, she also found out this…

4. Planning For Adoption

When the rescue team was ready to find Harper a home and took her to a regular vet check-up, they found out that Harper was pregnant. ‘After her pups all got adopted we focused on finding Harper a much deserving furever home.’

3. We Found a Home!

Olivieri wrote on the rescue Facebook page that Harper was adopted by Melanie Erbaugh, who was ‘giving her the love she never knew before this year.’ And that’s not all!

2. Eight Beautiful Pups

Harper gave birth to her eight pups and then got to her new home, with Melanie Erbaugh. And a few months after being separated, Harper got a beautiful surprise. She met her babies! The next photo’s description brought tears to our eyes…

1. Remembering Mama

‘Harper our Redlands princess was able to reunite with 5 of her 8 puppies. They had the most amazing play date and we truly believe they remembered their Mama,’ wrote the rescue team on Facebook. Everyone was in awe of them!