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Superman Workout: Get Shoulders Like the Man of Steel

This is the shoulder portion of our Superman Workout Routine. Build serious mass like the Man of Steel with this regimen to encourage muscle growth and improve your strength.

Historically, shoulders used to be one of the most underrated muscle groups. While most men aimed to get bigger biceps or six-pack abs, few focused their efforts on building rock solid deltoids. We find this surprising because nothing rounds a physique better than well built deltoids. Interestingly enough, having strong shoulders will also help you perform your back exercises better.

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When you watch Man of Steel or even check out the trailer or pictures from the movie, you will notice Henry Cavill’s boulder-like shoulders. Not only will having strong shoulders be functional in helping support complementary muscle groups, but it also screams “don’t mess with me.”

The Superman Workout focuses on three different muscle groups and while we have explained the importance in working out your chest and back to build Man of Steel muscle, having strong shoulders is just as important. You will not see results in your deltoids as quickly as you will with your chest and back with their respective workouts, but do not slack off. In our field tests with shoulder day for the Superman Workout, our subjects voted shoulder day to be the most painful and the one that they were most tempted to skip.

superman workout flying

Fly through this routine without sacrificing quality reps or form and it will be over before you know it. If you have any questions about exercises used in this routine or just want to let us know how it is working for you, please be sure to shoot us a note on Facebook or Twitter.

When it comes to training, especially with the Superman Workout, you need to have a balanced diet and proper nutrition to seriously maximize your gains. The way that we look at things is that junk food is kryptonite. For some guidelines as to the way you should be balancing your diet, we suggest that you check out the meal plan that Henry Cavill followed when getting jacked to play Kal El/Clark Kent/Superman in the Man of Steel movie, check out the general information in the introduction to the Superman Workout.

Ready to get jacked, Kryptonian style? The exercises you should follow for super shoulders is listed below. Follow the routine with conservative weight so you are able to complete each rep with proper form. This is especially critical with your shoulders given that your rotator cuff and tendons are very sensitive. If it feels too difficult or you are compromising the quality of each rep, just lower the weight. Super fact: Lower weight and proper form will yield better results than higher weight with incorrect form.

Superman Workout: The Shoulder Routine

Military Press

Why: Full shoulder development movement – front, side and rear deltoids.

5 sets | 8 reps | 60 seconds rest

High Pulls (Modified upright row movement)

Why: Another great full shoulder development movement.

4 sets | 8 reps | 45 seconds rest

Front Plate Raises

Why: Emphasis on the front of your deltoid.

4 sets | 8 reps | 45 seconds rest

Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises

Why: Emphasis on the side deltoid.

4 sets | 8 reps | 45 seconds rest