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Superman Workout: Get a Chest Like the Man of Steel

This is the routine that you should be following for our Superman Workout Routine. Learn to build Man of Steel muscle with this regimen that promotes strength training and mass building.

superman workout cavill man of steelOne of the most notable muscles groups within Superman’s remarkable physique is his chest. Whether referring to comic books or the movie stars who have proudly worn the red cape, it’s hard to think of the Man of Steel without thinking of a big broad chest popping out as a canvas for the super “S.” The chest routine below for the Superman Workout focuses on four specific exercises that will target different areas of your chest while promoting muscle growth and increasing strength.

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As with all workout routines, not just the Superman Workout, be sure to complement your training efforts with the appropriate nutrition to maximize your gains. Think of junk food and poor diet choices as your kryptonite and steer clear. If you’re curious about diet staples that Henry Cavill followed to pack on muscle for the role of Clark Kent/Superman in the Man of Steel movie, we have some general highlights of that in our introduction to the Superman Workout.

To keep things simple, we broke out the moves and exercises below. Simply follow the routines listed with weight that allows you to perform each move with proper form and technique. If you feel yourself using different muscle groups to cheat and finish a rep or you feel yourself trembling, then take down the weight.

If you have any questions about exercises used in this routine or just want to let us know how it is working for you, please be sure to shoot us a note on Facebook or Twitter. Make every rep count, my friends.

Superman Workout: The Chest Routine

Barbell Bench Press

Why: Full Chest Development

5 sets | 8 reps | 45 seconds rest

Incline Bench Press

Why: Chest Development With Upper Pec Focus

4 sets | 8 reps | 45 seconds rest

Dumbbell Flys

Why: Chest Development With Different Plane of Motion

4 sets | 10-15 reps | 30-60 seconds rest


Why: Chest Development Using Bodyweight

4 sets | Reps to Failure | 45 seconds rest