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Surfers Hear Baby Pilot Whale Cry, What Happens Next Is Amazing

Surfers Hear Baby Pilot Whale Cry, What Happens Next Is Amazing

Big waves and a sunny day are the best time for surfers to go out and catch some waves. But these local surfers were in for a surprise when they saw something odd in the water. They approached the lump and soon realized that it was a baby pilot whale stranded in the mouth of a river. The baby whale couldn’t get back into the deep water and was crying for help.

The surfers forgot about the perfect waves and decided to become the heroes of the day!

20. Costa Rica Waves

It’s so great to live close to the beach and go surfing! So, Mauricio Camareno went with his friends to catch some waves at the Costa Rica beach. But their fun would have to be delayed because they had to save a baby pilot whale…

19. The Low Tide

Probably the whale came with the low tide and it was too exhausted to struggle to go back into the deep water. Unable to move and with the waves coming over the whale, it would have died if nobody was around to help her.

18. A Cry of Help

The surfers heard noises and moved toward her. They immediately saw what was wrong. Camareno said that ‘she was very weak and could not keep afloat’. They need to breathe from time to time, so that meant she was going to drown…

17. A Difficult Rescue Mission

Camareno and his friends started helping the whale, which was stuck and almost drowning. You won’t believe how far she went up the river when she got trapped and could no longer move!

16. It Was Very Exhausting

The poor whale was 200 feet up the river when she got trapped and could no longer fight its way back. So, the surfers had a hard time taking out the baby whale. But this wasn’t over yet! After finally getting her out, they realized one thing…

15. The Whale Couldn’t Swim

As soon as they thought it was all done and the whale was into the open sea, the men realized they would have to stay with the whale for a period of time. The baby was too exhausted and could not swim on her own!

14. It Took Them 6 Hours…

The surfers had to stay six hours in the water, holding the baby whale afloat so she could breathe. They also poured water on her to protect her from heat. It was a noble task, but they could finally see the results…

13. A Rewarding Experience

Finally, the men’s efforts soon paid off when the whale was strong enough to swim and look for her lost family. The surfers guided the baby toward the deep water and were so happy they could be of help! But how did the whale get stuck?

12. A Single Case

Why was the baby pilot whale alone and stranded? There could be some causes: it was probably too weak to fight the tides and got stuck or he was chasing prey and got too close to the shallow waters. This is what Camareno did first…

11. Help From the Authorities

While keeping an eye on the baby whale, Camareno called both the environmental ministry and the Coast Guard to come help with the case, but they didn’t respond to the calls. The surfers did their best to help the whale stay alive… And people love them!

10. Back Into the Ocean

Although Camareno and his friends didn’t get any help from the authorities, they did what they thought it was best. After that, they posted on social media and soon their story became viral. This is a story with a happy ending. But what about the mass stranding in New Zealand?

9. Hundreds of Stranded Whales

In New Zealand, in February 2017, the Department of Conservation spokesman stated that they’ve witnessed over 400 whales stranded one morning and the number could double in a single day. What volunteers did will make you cry…

8. A Human Chain

In order to keep the whales away from the shore, volunteers gathered and formed a human chain. But what was the cause of the mass stranding? You won’t believe what scientists said!

7. Pilot Whales Travel in Pods

Whales follow a female leader, called a matriarch. If the leader dies or is injured, the whole pod gets confused and loses their way, ending up getting lost or stranded on the beaches. There are several other causes such as pollution, bad weather or toxins in the water…

6. Farewell Spit

The Farewell Spit beach is known to be a ‘trap’ for pilot whales, as mass stranding has happened before. But so far, this is the biggest one ever recorded. Volunteers offered to come and pour water over the whales that were beached… Even children were there!

5. A Song to Soothe The Whales

Children were also on site, singing songs to the whales that were on the brink of death. It was heartbreaking to see so many whales losing their lives. The tides didn’t help and brought more whales on the shore…

4. Volunteers Struggled for Hours

Everyone tried their best to send the mammals back to the deep waters. They managed to refloat as many whales as they could, but hundreds lost their lives already…

3. The Gulf of California

On the coast of Baja California, there were 27 pilot whales stranded, according to PROFEPA, the environmental protection agency from Mexico. The rescue mission took authorities and locals about 15 hours. Here is what a local said…

2. Never Seen Anything Like This

‘I have seen two or three beached but never this many,’ Rosario Carrillo said in an interview. PROFEPA said that their work was difficult because of the tide and because the whales have a ‘strong social cohesion’ and will follow the ones that are in danger.

1. A Terrible Experience

Some people, like Camareno and his friends, were happy to see the baby whale swim on its own, but other cases had ended up with many lives lost. There are so many causes that influence the whales’ behavior and we’re at a loss… But researchers are doing their best to study and prevent mass strandings in the future.