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They Were Trying To Put Down A Fire, Until They Saw The Family Dog Carrying Something In Its Mouth

They Were Trying To Put Down A Fire, Until They Saw The Family Dog Carrying Something In Its Mouth

There’s nothing else in the world that can be compared to a mother’s love. It doesn’t matter the species; a mother will always do whatever she can to protect her babies. It’s a very deeply rooted instinct in both humans and animals, and we know that mothers would give up their lives for their child’s sake.

This dog from Chile showed everyone the extent at which she’d go to save her babies!

20. A Fire Started


A house in Chile, in Santa Rose de Temuco, caught fire. It put at risk the lives of a family and a doggy family too. But until everyone was out and realized what happened, nobody found the pooches…

19. Important Steps


When a fire starts, everyone has to immediately leave the building. And as soon as firefighters come every second is crucial. Little did the firemen know they will see this!

18. Everyone Was Accounted For

After the firefighters arrived and saw that the family was alright, they started subduing the flames. But they also saw something else… The family dog was trying to get inside that house, and immediately acted!

17. A Horrible Realization

While talking to the family, the firefighter found out that the family dog was missing. Back, towards the fire truck, other firefighters saw the dog going back and forth to the house on fire. She seemed to carry something in her mouth…

16. The Pooch Was Safe!

It was very weird that the dog would race back to a building on fire when the instincts should tell them otherwise. So, the firemen went to take a closer look. They realized that the dog was doing a very brave thing!

15. Saving Her Babies

The dog was actually carrying her babies one by one from the house. The firemen couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the brave mother saving her 10 days old puppies! Then something even more amazing happened…

14. The Most Wholesome Thing Ever

Not only the dog saved her puppies from the fire, but she placed them aboard the fire truck, knowing that it would be a safe place. She could have run towards a covered and a peaceful space, but she chose the truck! After saving them all…

13. Cuddling Her Babies

Once all of her babies were up in the firetruck, the dog climbed next to them and cuddled them all. She was exhausted! The firemen let her stay there until they were finished putting out the fire… Vets were also on their way!

12. Vets Arrived

Meanwhile, the vets arrived to take care of the dog and her babies. After such an exhausting rescue mission, the momma again fought for her babies, defending them from the vets when they tried to check them out.

11. Amanda, the Brave Pooch

After the incident, they found out that the dog’s name was Amanda. Her family was alive and well, except for one puppy that couldn’t make it because of its severe burns. Amanda too had several minor injuries, but she was a hero!

10. Nothing Can Stop Them

When dogs go on a mission to save lives, be it their pups’ or their best friend’s lives, nothing stands in their way. Amanda is a German shepherd breed and we wouldn’t be surprised if one day, one of her pups gets to save the world like this good boy! The next pooch that you’re about to meet will shock you even more than Amanda did…

9. A Great Hero – A Different Story

Dogs are brave, and this pooch named Jake is also going to be a hero! He was only a pup when he was found in a burning shed by a local firefighter. Bill Lindler heard his neighbors crying for help and he stepped in!

8. Saving a Pup!

Bill Lindler was on his day off when he noticed smoke coming from a neighbor’s yard. Then he said ‘the residents were yelling their puppy was in the building’. So, he immediately took ‘some firefighting gear and ran across the street’.

7. Terrible News

The pup’s body was covered in burns, and 75% of his body, including the paw pads, were injured. His owners took the pooch to the vet, but when they heard about the costs, they did this…

6. Adopting the Pup

Bill said that he wanted to know if the pup was alright. So, he said he ‘contacted the vet and the vet informed me that…the family had abandoned him at the office. That’s when I and my family decided we would adopt him’. But he was very injured…

5. A Difficult Recovery

Jake’s body started slowly recovering. But with all the love he received from his new family helped him get through the pain. And as he fought to survive the Hanahan Fire Department hired him!

4. The Official Mascot

The pup is now the official mascot of the Fire Department, and he even has his own badge and a contract signed with his own paw to prove he’s a real firepooch! And he has even more work to do now!

3. Teaching Kids

Lindler was first planning to make Jake a therapy dog, but he then changed his mind, enrolling the good boy in the Fire Department. Now they occasionally go and teach kids fire safety and what they should do in emergencies.

2. An Arson Detection Dog

And Jake is not done, said Lindler. He intends to train Jake to be an Arson Detection Dog. Basically, Jake will start saving lives, after his hero saved his life when he was a tiny pup!

1. Great Dogs!

There are many stories of dogs saving the day around the world, making us love them even more! We’re so happy that these dogs are now well and safe from burning buildings thanks to brave firemen and brave dog mommies!