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Thief With A Conscience Returns Stolen Dog To Heartbroken Little Girl

Thief With A Conscience Returns Stolen Dog To Heartbroken Little Girl

Ryan Hood and his wife Elena Sardi have recently gone through something gut-wrenching! They had their house broken into, and among the valuables that were taken was also their 8-week-old puppy. The puppy was the best friend of their four-year-old daughter, Maia, and it was something that couldn’t be replaced!

24. An Unpleasant Event

They started searching for their stolen puppy but then something truly unexpected happened! Maia’s reaction will surely warm your heart…

23. Best Friends

Four-year-old Maia is the only child of Ryan Hood and Elena Sardi. Her parents wish to provide everything to their daughter, so they decided to get her a new-born labrador puppy!

22. The Cutest Puppy Ever

The little girl was ecstatic as she made a new best friend and promised to raise it with love and care. But the family’s well-being was interrupted one day and you won’t believe why. 

21. House Broken Into

The family was shocked to find out that their home has been broken into while they were missing for a doctor appointment. The thieves took their money, the Ipad, laptop and the majority of Elena’s jewelry. They also took something that was priceless to the family…

20. They Also Took The Dog

You might think that the thieves went for the TV, but they didn’t. As shocking as it may be, they took the puppy! The thieves probably thought that they could sell it or keep it for themselves. But you’ll soon discover that these burglars had a conscience. You won’t believe what they did after a few days…

19. A Big Shock

The eight-week puppy, Sasha, was living with the family for a week when the thieves stole her. She was really attached to little Maia, and the little girl simply loved it. Their connection was unbelievably strong and the girl was devastated. Something had to be done!

18. Who Would Do Such A Thing?

The family’s puppy was in the backyard at the time of the invasion and it seems that the thieves decided to take her with them, something that shocked the whole family. But Maia took the news the hardest…

The family soon called the Police for help as they were devastated. Little did they know that in a few days the thieves will pay them a surprise visit

17. Searching For The Puppy

Little Maia was sad that she will never see her best friend again. That’s when her parents realized that they had to do everything to get the puppy back. So they decided to help the Police and do some research on their own. Here’s what they did… and it actually worked!

16. Local News

The family started making posters and soon the whole area was covered with them. Maia’s desperation managed to warm the hearts of the local community and her story made it to the news. Soon, everyone was looking for her puppy.

Little Sasha had to be found fast because she was born with a rare medical condition and she had to take her medication. Time was running up for the family… until something unexpected happened!

15. Local Community On The Edge

The local community was outraged and many people were willing to help the family. Their story went viral and soon everyone in town was looking for the puppy. “I don’t care about the rest but the dog, we want her home as soon as possible,” Elena said.

Like a miracle, someone was there to listen and what happened next surprised even the authorities! 

14. Something Strange In The Back Yard

Just three days after Sasha was stolen, Elena saw something moving in the backyard. “We didn’t want to get our hopes up. And then this morning, my wife got up to make herself a coffee, walked past the sliding door, and noticed that there was a figure moving in the backyard.” She took a few steps towards the moving object, and this is what she saw…

13. It Was Sasha

It was Sasha! She was thrown back in the house unharmed but really scared and tired. Elena couldn’t believe her eyes and ran back into the house to inform the rest of the family. You won’t believe how heartwarming Maia’s reaction was! See it for yourself in the following photos.

12. Back Together

It was the best day of her life. All the scary thoughts that crossed her mind during the time Sasha was missing suddenly disappeared and she couldn’t hide her emotions anymore. She rushed there hugging and kissing her little puppy once again! But how did the puppy found her way back to their house?

11. Reunited

The four-year-old girl was finally reunited with her best friend. “We think that whoever took Sasha got scared and just dropped her over the fence… we don’t care, to be honest, we’re just glad to have her back.”. There were some questions to be asked though…

10. How Did This Happen

It was obvious that both the family and the police had some questions about why the thieves decided to return Sasha back to her family. Was it that the thieves felt really bad and the despair of the little girl made them return Sasha? Probably, but there is a little detail to be taken into consideration.

9. Microchipped

The little dog was microchipped and the police threatened that she could be traced back to them by the vet clinic that installed the chip. The thieves, according to the police, probably get scared by this fact and decided to return Sasha and cut their losses. “It’s a bit of a strange one.” the police officer said. “It’s difficult to understand what they were thinking.”

8. Isolated Incident

“I guess it’s probably … an isolated incident, where they’ve just committed a burglary and they’ve seen the dog and they’ve taken the dog.”

7. Didn’t Matter

For little Maia, nothing about that mattered. She was reunited with her little pal and she was ready to take advantage of every little moment. Check out how cute the two of them look when they’re playing!

6. Happiness Overload

Maia spends the day looking after and playing with her puppy. She was ecstatic to meet her again and appreciated her even more.

5. Promises

She even promised the little labrador not to lose her again or let anything bad happen to her.

4. Vet Visit

The day after Sasha was found the family took her to the vet to assure that everything was fine with her health. It turned out that the thieves didn’t do anything bad to her and even fed her right as her digestive system was fine and she was fully hydrated.

3. Sasha

Sasha was picked up by an animal shelter after she had been found in the trash, probably abandoned by the owner or her mother. She already had been gone through a lot and the recent incident could be traumatic for her mental health.

2. Sasha Growing Up

After some time the family reported that this story didn’t have any negative impact on Sasha’s mental health. It appeared that it made her bond with the family even stronger.

1. Great Future

There is a special bond that is built between a child and an animal, and the things that they are going to live together are endless. We all hope that they will be together as long as possible!