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An Unlikely Friendship Between A Baby Cheetah And A Puppy That Will Warm Your Heart

An Unlikely Friendship Between A Baby Cheetah And A Puppy That Will Warm Your Heart

This is the story that melted the hearts of the whole internet. It features a baby cheetah and a puppy that became best friends and are supposed to live the rest of their lives together. If this story won’t make you emotional, nothing will.

20. Cheetahs

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The cheetahs are well known for being the fastest animals on the planet. Sadly, they have a habit to abandon one of their newborn babies…

19. Abandoned

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In this case, a mother cheetah had abandoned her newborn baby, which led to the San Diego Zoo staff to step in and take care of the baby cheetah. What they did is truly amazing.

18. Meet Ruuxa

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This is Ruuxa, the baby cheetah that was abandoned by his own mother and was taken in the San Diego Zoo. Naturally, cheetahs need friends in order to live a happy life, and this is where Reina steps in.

17. Meet Reina

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Reina is a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy that was introduced to Ruuxa since a young age. The long-term plan was for them to spend the rest of their lives together, but did they?

16. Best Friends

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Ruuxa and Reina became best friends from the moment they met. They were inseparable. They played together, cuddled together, and even slept together. Nothing could stand between them.

15. Two Babies

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The other reason why these two adorable creatures were introduced is that the cheetah needed a role model in her life. The puppy was supposed to be there for her whenever the cheetah was in an unfamiliar situation. And so it did.

14. Bad News

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In the early stage of development, the staff realized that the cheetah’s legs were not developing properly and that he needed an operation to fix them. Reina was by his side all the time.

13. Successful Operation

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The operation was successful and the doctors did not know if Ruuxa would ever be able to run again in his life. Only time could tell…

12. Buddies

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Even though he was diagnosed with a genetic condition that affected the growth of his front limbs, he never gave up and was about do to something phenomenal.

11. Running!

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The recovery was very fast, and Ruuxa was able to run again. It was time for him to start playing with his best friend… and Reina was really careful.

10. Playing

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Even though the vets were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to socialize after the operation, they were wrong. They immediately bonded together and Reina was extra careful with his front legs.

9. A Helper

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Reina was actually a big factor in Ruuxa’s recovery. Ruuxa never felt lonely in his life because of his best friend being always by his side, and that helped a lot for his recovery.

8. Siblings

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The whole point of bonding these different animals together was that they would have a relationship like siblings, not like friends. And it worked exactly as the staff wanted.

7. Today

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Today, Ruuxa is a very happy and active cheetah, with Reina still by her side. he even runs as fast as a car!

6. A Run

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Even after the surgery, Ruuxa was able to exceed everyone’s expectations and to run like all cheetahs do! He ran 100 meters in 6 seconds!

5. No Limits

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Even after running 100 meters in 6 seconds, that is not going to be his final record! He is only half his size and is expected to run even faster!

4. Challenges

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Ruuxa passed every single challenge in his life and proved that everyone can make it in life, no matter the circumstances. He loves to do interesting things today…

3. Friendly

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Today, Ruuxa is a very friendly cheetah. He loves to meet new people, loves to travel and has been a great friend to the staff at the San Diego Zoo.

2. Friends Forever

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The expectations were exceeded and Ruuxa and Reina are still best friends without leaving each other’s side in difficult situations. It’s what everyone should do for their best friend.

1. The Story

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The story became popular on the internet because it shows two completely different animals bonding together like they are completely the same. It’s an example of a true friendship.