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The Weirdest Photos Ever Caught On Motion Sensor Trail Cameras

The Weirdest Photos Ever Caught On Motion Sensor Trail Cameras

There’s nothing else spookier than what you get to see trail camera images. So, we recommend you watch these next photos in daylight because you won’t be able to be alone in a dark room at night anymore. And trust us, the creep factor is high enough!

You’ll see weird animals that seem to be monsters, creepy creatures that couldn’t possibly exist and many unexplainable images that look like your worst nightmares. One thing is true: we will never go check out a forest in the dark!

20. A Girl With A Deer

This picture seems like it’s supposed to capture wildlife, but looking at the left, something frightening appears. There is a little girl alone in the forest and the deer is staring at her. Do you feel the chills down your spine? The next photo is even scarier!

19. The Rake

Some people from the New York area believe there’s such a creature called ‘The Rake’. It is a mythological being and just by looking at this image, we realize it’s something you don’t want to mess with or run into it at night!

18. The Zombie Boy

You’re camping in the forest and you see this creepy boy in front of you. Was he lost or sleepwalking? Was he a ghost? We will never find out and we’re too afraid to check out more about him! The next photo will send shivers down your spine…

17. Is That Another Zombie?

It might be a naked person roaming the forest, which is creepy enough. But this person looks like a zombie or a ghost of someone who was murdered. Either way, we are not curious to find out by ourselves!

16. Is That Bigfoot?

A lot of people have believed that this creature speeding through the forest is actually Bigfoot. If you don’t believe it, then how can you explain this next weird thing?

15. Creepy Shapes

If we were to find some of these creepy images on our trail cameras, we would immediately move out of that city! Or we’d call Ghost Busters and hire some supernatural hunters to deal with them…

14. An Old Woman?

This is clearly a person, and it looks like it’s a woman wearing a nightgown. But doesn’t it sound weird to see a person wandering the forest at night? It’s a bit unusual, and so are the next pictures!

13. Alien Invasion?

The picture looks very odd, but there’s something else that will bring chills down your spine. This is what appears in the next frame of the footage. Grab a blanket and hide under it!

12. Oh, No! Hide!

That odd figure just appeared after the weird spaceship appeared in the picture before! Yes, it’s insane just thinking about it, but what’s your explanation? Ok, we got a picture to help you calm a bit…

11. Taking a Selfie

You deserve a break from all the horror. Here is a laid back raccoon taking a selfie with the deer. Sometimes, funny things also happen at night in the forest. That’s when this guy is not around…

10.  That’s Normal… NOT!

That’s also creepy, because who would have thought that when you checked the trail camera, a clown would come out of nowhere to spook you? With his sinister smile, he’s staring right into the camera and into your soul… Run!

9. What Is That?

This picture might seem just of an ordinary hooded person, but the fuzzy look of it makes it look like a ghost. And the same camera caught a more unusual picture. Here it is…

8. There Are More!

There are more similar figures that lurk in the shadows to creep the **** out of the one checking his or her trail camera. And you know what? It works, we’re definitely scared and weirded out by now!

7. What is That Thing?

We’d never think we’d say it, but: Someone please save that deer from Satan! The beast looks like it has horns and wings and it’s something you’d surely not want to see in your backyard.

6. Deer Bring Up the Supernatural

We don’t know how come deer are so unfortunate to be followed by these creepy figures, but the images captured on trail camera are chilling! And that’s not everything!

5. Poor Deer!

How come deer get to be hit by cars, chased by supernatural beings, by flying squirrels, stared at by creepy girls and so on? Their life is a nightmare! No wonder they’re so easily spooked…

4. A Little Girl in the Forest

While it might not seem odd, this girl is actually hopping around in the forest at night. She was called the ‘ghost girl’, as she was playing in the woods all alone. Locals had no idea about it and the mystery at the Cambridge, New York remains unsolved.

3. A Ghost

Forget about weird hooded shapes of humans, this image looks like it was taken from a horror movie. With the face hidden behind leaves and its tall body, this is something we wouldn’t want to meet into the woods at night!

2. The Grim Reaper

You might say this picture is a fake and that someone got dressed like that to scare the owner of the trail camera. But look at the bottom of the picture and the temperature. Who would go out at night on such weather to prank others?

1. Not Cute!

A lot of these photos are unexplainable, making them a lot creepier than they would seem at first. Some are terrifying, showing us creatures we cannot define and others are just weird. Take this photo, for example. Raccoons are not so cute anymore! One thing is sure: we will avoid the forest at night!