It’s fun to have a dog that follows you everywhere you go, but when your fluff turns into a humongous mound of a dog, you’re bound to fight them on who gets the couch! Also, playtime means getting pushed and falling almost every time the dog has fun. You might no longer be considered the boss in that relationship when they can push you with a paw! But this woman adores her huge dog.

However, she never believed her dog would start growing… and growing…

20. An Alaskan Malamute in South Africa

Yes, you heard well! Now Tydus is over 3 years old and he is one of the very few Alaskan Malamutes that you can see in South Africa, and it’s obvious why: they come from very cold weathers. But his mommy never knew how big he’d get. Look how small he was on his first day!

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