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Zoologists Baffled By This Unusual Friendship

How does that old saying go, “Dogs are a man’s best friend”? Well, today you are going to find out that dogs can befriend anyone. There are many examples of unusual friendships between animals, but nothing like what you are about to see. This unusual friendship is baffling zoologists all around the world!

20. Tory Island, Ireland

Our story kicks off in Tory Island which is located on the northwest coast of Ireland. This island is a beautiful place filled with history which makes it a nice spot for tourists. However, there is something truly special about this island that you will never find anywhere else!

19. Beautiful Island

While the island might be a wonderful place to visit, there aren’t that many people who live there. However, there is someone special who lives there…

18. The Island’s Mascot

The special someone I am talking about is not a person, it’s a dog! The dog we are seeing in this picture is Ben and what he does every day will leave you in awe!

17. Wandering Off

Ben is a golden Labrador that loves to wander off by himself. At first, his owner would go crazy looking for him. However, that ended when the owner realized where Ben runs off to. You won’t believe where Ben likes to spend his time.

16. To The Docks!

While there might not be something extraordinary about this golden Labrador, what he does every day is baffling zoologists all around the world! As you can see from this picture, Ben runs to the docks. But what is doing there?

15. Morning Routine

Ben’s owner says that the dog runs off to the docks every single morning right after waking up. This is kind of weird, right?

14. Unusual Behavior

Most dogs are known to not like water, but this is not the case for Ben. Unlike most dogs, Ben is not afraid of jumping in the ocean. Check out the following pictures to see how brave this little Labrador is.

13. Cold Water

Even though the water is freezing cold, Ben doesn’t seem to mind it. Even though this might be confusing, you will see that it makes sense in the end.

12. Fast Swimmer

Despite being a dog, Ben surprises everyone with his swimming abilities. Nonetheless, why is he so keen to get in the freezing water? Who is he meeting there?

11. Something is in the Water

It seems like Ben is going to meet a friend. As you can clearly see from this picture, Ben is swimming really close to that fin. The next picture will give you a glimpse of what kind of underwater animal that is.

10. It’s a Dolphin!

As unreal as this might be, Ben is actually swimming towards a dolphin! You won’t believe how the dolphin reacts to Ben’s presence.

9. The Dolphin is Happy

It looks like the dolphin is happy to see Ben because it comes out to meet the pooch. As if this wasn’t crazy enough, you will be amazed to see how the two spend their time together.

8. Having Fun

The dolphin allows Ben to climb on him and then it takes him on a ride. Who needs jet skis when you can get on a dolphin instead?

7. Swimming Together

Ben’s owner says that the dog loves to spend his mornings playing around in the water with his best friend. This is quite unusual and it’s the first time that zoologists are seeing dogs and dolphins together. And that’s not all!

6. Amazing Friendship

No one can explain how this friendship came to be, but everyone is amazed to see them together. What do you think is their favorite activity?

5. Swimming and Playing Together

The locals say that the two best friends are always swimming and playing around all day long. However, swimming can be quite tiring and the dog isn’t able to keep up the pace. Luckily, his owner is always around to help him out.

4. Tired and Cold

Even though Ben is tired and cold, he is more than happy to get wet because he gets to spend time with his best friend. This is an amazing friendship and it became one of the island’s main attractions. To make things even better, Ben’s owner sometimes jumps in the water with them!

3. Ben’s Owner Jumps In

Seeing how much fun Ben and the dolphin are having, Ben’s owner couldn’t resist from jumping in too! Can you imagine how awesome it would be to swim with a dolphin and a dog?

2. Unusual Friendship

Did you ever expect Ben to be friends with a dolphin? I know I didn’t. Dolphins are known for being friendly, but this unusual friendship is taking things to the next level.

1.Best Buds

After seeing these pictures it becomes clear why zoologists are so baffled by this friendship. The question that no one can answer is how did these two become friends in the first place? It probably started with Ben swimming around the docks since he loves doing it so much. Nonetheless, the locals love seeing these two together because it brings a smile to their faces.


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