15-year-old Alex Dupuy bowled a perfect game, scoring 12 strikes in a row… and he has cancer. This Louisiana teen’s performance is considerably more admirable because he is quite new to the sport. Dupuy, who plays for the Holy Rosary bowling team, said that he actually felt nervous near the last 3 frames. In fact, he had to resort to breathing relaxation techniques to calm his nerves.

Early this year, Dupuy was diagnosed with tongue cancer. This has caused sadness and anxiety for the bowler and his family. However, their faith has kept them together and made the family stronger. Bowling is important to Dupuy, and he gets the support he needs from this solid core, his community, and his bowling team.

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The ailment depressed and scared the boy, according to his mother. It did not keep him from his love of bowling, though. Cancer can slow him down or make his physical body weak, but it cannot dampen his spirit. Mrs. Dupuy said that bowling is a vital part of her son’s life, and it helps him in coping with this devastating illness.