Cristhian Reyes, a high school student in Miami, was surprised to be reunited with his lost wallet, returned with $20 and a note inside it.

His wallet originally contained $60, but when the stranger (who chose not to disclose their name) found it, only the identification cards were left. Knowing the wallet’s owner from the IDs, the stranger brought it to the school along with a note that said, “I found your wallet with only IDs in it, and placed $20 to let you know that the world is still a wonderful place. I hope you pass the lesson on to others.”

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When the school president learned of the incident, he took a photo of the wallet and the note and sent it to the entire school staff and posted it in their official school paper. He intends to impart a lesson to the students: no matter how small, it is important to do good deeds for others.

Reyes was in his class when the wallet arrived at school. When he had the chance to get his wallet, he was surprised with what he saw – especially the $20. But, Reyes has certainly learned his lesson and promised to do what the stranger asked of him.