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Arm Wrestling: Tips for Dominance

Arm wrestling is not a simple sport. You have to be physically strong, particularly your arms, so that you will stand a chance against opponents that are stronger, bigger or more experienced than you. You also have to learn a lot of tricks to be able to properly use your weight, and your opponent’s, to win at arm wrestling.

Arm Wrestling Techniques

Here are some of the popular techniques on how to win an arm wrestling challenge.

Top Roll

One of the common techniques that people use to win at arm wrestling match is doing the top roll. When positioning your hand, put your thumb beneath your fingers. This will give you a better grip, which will enable you to use your bicep to exert more force.

Make sure that you use your wrist to exert force, not your arm. To do this, you need to position your hand higher on your opponent’s hand and force him to hold the lower part of your hand. You should also bend your arm so that your opponent’s arm will move away from his body, which will make his leverage poor, which will not make it possible for him to use his body weight and his wrist to add force to his hand.


This is also an effective technique on how to win at arm wrestling. You should curl in your wrist, towards you, so that your opponent will find it hard to grip your hand firmly. This will make it hard for him to make you lose your leverage and your strength that is coming from your shoulder, bicep and wrist. This will also prevent him from using his wrist to exert more force.

Make sure that you keep your arm close to your body so that you can use the strength and weight of your body in dragging your opponent’s hand down. Pull your opponent’s hand towards you, in a downward direction, so that he will lose his grip and lose his force that he is getting from his wrist.

Arm Wrestling Training Tips

arm wrestling tips

Bicep and Forearm Exercise

You should train your biceps and forearm to make it stronger and harder. Because this is the muscle where you get your force from, you should make sure that it is strong and hard. Lift weights and do strenuous work that will force your biceps and forearm to feel and endure pressure. Upward wrist curl is a great exercise for muscle and strength building which is much needed to win at arm wrestling.

Shoulder, Hips and Waist

Make sure that your shoulder, hips and waist are flexible so that you can twist them whenever you are ready to finish the fight. Use your shoulder to generate more force towards your biceps and wrist by keeping your arm near your body.

You can use your hips and waist to twist and drag your opponent’s arm towards you, to make him lose leverage and momentum. By doing this, you will be able to push your opponent’s arm towards the table and win at arm wrestling while he is struggling to gain leverage or grip on your hand.