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This Australian Couple Has Turned Their House Into A Sanctuary For Orphaned Baby Kangaroos

This Australian Couple Has Turned Their House Into A Sanctuary For Orphaned Baby Kangaroos

All over the globe, there are people that would do anything to save animals. Take this Australian couple for example. Theresa and Tony Matthews have always cared about animals and wildlife, but one single good deed eight years ago has changed their lives and have become parents of hundreds and hundreds of orphaned or injured kangaroos. Since they first helped saving one little kangaroo, both Australians started rehabilitating and taking care of them.

20. A Stranger Came Asking for Help

It was a regular day back in 2010 when the couple had an unexpected visit. They were outside the house and a stranger came close to their fence asking a peculiar question. Theresa remembers everything…

19. Do You Look After Wildlife?

Theresa remembers seeing the man approach their fence: ‘A chap pulled up at the front fence and said, “Do you look after wildlife?”. I said, “Why?” and he said, “I’ve got a kangaroo in the car”’. Their answer?

18. Our Haven Wildlife Shelter

The couple decided to take the orphaned kangaroo and care for him. This is how their lives transformed, and so did their house. It became the place where all the future kangaroos will be raised and rehabilitated.

17. Our First Kangaroo

The house became ‘Our Haven Wildlife Shelter’, a place that was born along with the presence of the first joey they took in. Theresa said that it ‘was our first kangaroo and his name was Bobby.’ And then, others appeared…

16. A Healthy Kangaroo Facing Euthanasia

Bobby the kangaroo was healthy, but an orphan. His fate was to be euthanized if nobody took care of it, so Theresa and Tony couldn’t stand by. She says that they ‘mainly take on eastern grey kangaroos – they’re the only ones down here and also swamp wallabies’. Their home completely transformed, as you’re about to find out…

15. The House is Anything But Quiet!

There are kangaroos all over the house and outside, so it’s not what you’d call an ordinary house. But along with all the cuteness and hopping, the couple is also heartbroken…

14. Delicate Animals

Roos are very sensible when they’re babies. They get stressed very easy and it can take a toll on their health. So, they are very vulnerable. But the couple has managed the situation very well and they even had help!

13. A Full-Time Job

Taking care of the kangaroos is a tough job! The couple has taken in a lot of roos over the years and they’ve been taking care of them 24/7. Luckily, they also have volunteers coming to help them.

12. It’s Fun to Take Care of Them

Volunteers get to enjoy the time with the kangaroos and also help the couple by feeding the babies and doing some maintenance over the day. And if you’re asking how do they manage the expenses

11. One Salary and Donations

Theresa is the one with a wage, since Tony had an accident back in 2000, rendering him unable to work. However, kind people have donated for the sanctuary, so that the couple can feed and take care of the animals.

10. The Rehabilitation Is a Success

Theresa and Tony have been able to rehabilitate many orphaned kangaroo babies, because, as Theresa said, ‘there was no one here for these joeys and they were being euthanized.’ And that was only for the saddest reason…

9. ‘Nowhere to Go’

Theresa said that the wildlife risked being put down ‘not because there was anything wrong with them, but because there was nowhere to go.’ So, ‘Our Haven Wildlife Shelter’ is the place where they can go now.

8. The Rescuing Got Bigger…

‘Because of our love for kangaroos, we just opened up our home to them and this rescuing got bigger and got bigger.’ They couldn’t just save a few of them and let the rest of the orphaned kangaroos to chance! But there are some risks…

7. The Risks of Raising Kangaroos

Theresa told us a funny story about her kangaroos and swamp wallaby: ‘I’ve woken up with one on my head. Actually Lucky the swamp wallaby has done that quite a few times, and he’s weed on me – on my head.’

6. The Ultimate Goal

Although it’s heartbreaking and it ends in crying their way back home, the couple transports all the kangaroos back into the wild. ‘Our goal with the kangaroos is rehabilitation and release. It’s hard to say goodbye’, said Theresa.

5. Saving More Animals

I always cry all the way home but, you know, it’s about them not us,’ said Theresa. This way, they will be able to save other wildlife and let the ones rehabilitated live a full life in their natural habitat.

4. It’s About Doing Your Job

‘We’ve done our job, so we’ve gotta let them go’, said Theresa. But Theresa and Tony’s job becomes more difficult with time: ‘the phone rings every day, there are rescues every day. We do what we can,’ said Theresa.

3. It’s All Worth It

Saving kangaroos has ‘become our life now, but they’re worth every minute and penny,’ continued Theresa. And with so many orphaned joeys, the couple is now looking for a bigger plot of land to move in…

2. They’re Just Babies

And it’s very rewarding seeing that you saved an animal. Theresa said that ‘The love and trust is amazing. It’s hard to explain, they just feel like your children. They hug you back and they really love ya’. It’s hard not to love them!

1. Helping Wildlife

‘Our Haven Wildlife Shelter’ has a website where they share all their stories and photos of the saved kangaroos. If you want to check them out or help them out by being a volunteer or donate, check them out at