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Hairless Puppy Transforms When He Is Finally Rescued

Hairless Puppy Transforms When He Is Finally Rescued

There is no excuse for abandoning your pet. And seeing them shivering in the middle of the street is revolting! Getting a puppy and then abandoning it is animal abuse and considered a crime. It’s a despicable act to do to an animal that is loyal to us and that trusts us. When this little Chihuahua and her dog friend were found by a couple in a dumpster outside a McDonald’s, it brought everyone to tears.

Poptart the puppy had a shocking start in life, but she would soon learn what love is…

20. Heartbreaking Images

People that neglect or abandon their pets are the worst humans on the planet. They take a responsibility and can’t handle it. But behind them, there was an animal that wouldn’t survive on the streets…

19. Alone and Scared

Poptart was found outside a McDonald’s, near a dumpster. She was hugging another puppy, which unfortunately was dead. Her life started in the wrong home, and she was in such a horrible condition, that it was a miracle she was still alive!

18. They Filmed It

When she was finally heard by a couple, they rushed her to a vet. The staff filmed the pup, who would later name Poptart, and shared the footage on their Facebook page. Everyone seeing the pooch was heartbroken…

17. A Brave Puppy

But even if her former owners left her to die, the vets believed she would survive and lead a happy life with someone that would care for her and give her the love she longs for. Until then, she had to get well.

16. Poptart, the Loving Pooch

Poptart was found near the dumpster, after a cold night, thrown out like a piece of trash… She was immediately taken to the Sacramento Society. She almost froze to death, like her friend next to her.

15. Suffering From Mange

The poor dog was infested with mange, and her fur was missing. It only showed that she was neglected before being dumped outside. Poptart was only two-and-a-half months old, and weighed only 3.5 pounds…

14. A Lucky Moment

Sarah Varanini, who is a foster care coordinator at the Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA), said that Poptart was ‘lying next to a puppy assumed to be her dead sibling’. It makes us wonder…

13. Another Case of Breeding?

Nobody knew where the pups came from, but judging by their age and breed, both where Chihuahua mix dogs, of almost 3 months. We’ll never know why they were abandoned…

12. Bald Dogs

Poptart was bald because she had a disease caused by mites, called demodectic mange. Sarah Varanini said that the other pup died perhaps of the low temperature: ‘we’re assuming that her sibling probably passed away due to the temperature’. But things were starting to look good for our little hero…

11. Immediately Getting Medical Attention

The pup was rushed to the SSPCA the moment the couple discovered her. Then, Poptart was put into foster care and began her treatment. Even though she wasn’t in the best shape and had some problems with her spine, vets expected her to make a full recovery. Then something amazing happened!

10. A New Home

Being only a puppy, Poptart needed a connection, and losing her sibling took a toll on her. But next to her was this foster brother, a sweet and caring giant! She received the treatment for mange and a ton of love. And then…

9. Cute Sweaters

Being a Chihuahua, and almost naked, Poptart was always cold and shivering. So, her foster parents provided cute sweaters for the puppy. She also had a bed full of toys to play with. Life was great for Poptart!

8. A Delightful Pooch

Even though Poptart was a baby and her health was still fragile, Varanini said that the baby dog was a delight and everyone at the SSPCA were in awe of her. When Poptart was happy, everyone would know…

7. A Dancing Pup

When Poptart was happy, she would dance around, to everyone’s delight, said Varanini. She was a happy and friendly little dog and she was going to be just fine. Varanini’s thoughts made us cry.

6. A Trusting Little Soul

‘She’s still a sweet, happy little girl despite having a pretty rough start,’ said the foster care coordinator. And it’s so terrible, knowing that even though the pup was neglected by a human, she still trusted others…

5. She Loves Everyone

‘It’s one of those things where you don’t know what their life was like before they came here, but she’s still very trusting of people and immediately just loved everybody at the shelter’, continued saying Varanini.

4. Poptart Is Getting Better

At the moment, Poptart is still getting treatment for her skin condition and lives in foster care. She has lived with her foster parents and furry brother for two months so far, and in one more month, she will grow some fur…

3. Ready to Get Adopted

As soon as Poptart grows back her fur and is cured of mange, she will be ready to find a home and a family that will love her as much as she loves everyone. It’s what she deserves!

2. A Shiny Coat

Poptart will grow a shiny fur and will show everyone how beautiful she is on the outside, as amazing as she is on the inside! Her story might have started off badly, but her future will be a happy one.

1. All Thanks to Great People

Starting with the rescuers and finishing with the staff at the Sacramento SPCA and her foster parents, everyone has made an effort to save this little soul and give her a second chance at a better life. If you want to hear about other dogs that need help, check out your local shelter or visit the Sacramento SPCA.