Bad habits don’t only apply to the things you do for fun. There are also bad work habits you may be unaware you have. You’re probably working five to six days a week, so these habits may be causing you more harm than you think. So, start getting aware of your unhealthy work habits, put a halt to them, and start a healthy and more productive labor.

Having Healthier Work Habits

Listed below are some of the most common bad work habits that you might have. Included in the list are helpful tips for how to get rid of these bad habits by forming good ones.

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Eating at Your Desk

Eating at your desk may seem like a good idea, especially when you’re always busy. However, this isn’t good for your wellness. There are about 2 million bacteria in a regular office keyboard. So, if you’re eating at your desk while working on your computer, you’ll likely get infected with various diseases caused by the bacteria on your keyboard or your office desk. It would be better to go to the cafeteria and wash your hands before munching on your lunch.

Business Lunches

Business lunches may seem great because you’re able to accomplish more with your co-workers or boss during lunch break. However, this is one of the bad habits that puts your health at risk, as you’ll be compelled to eat more food than usual. Eating with your boss or a client will also urge you to consume alcohol to entertain your lunchmate. To break this habit, opt for business breakfasts at places that serve healthier foods so you can avoid consuming alcohol and eat healthier foods.

Using Laptops

Using laptops is one of the bad habits you should break, as this will strain your neck because you have to bend your head when looking at the screen. When you can’t prevent yourself from using laptops, make sure that you elevate the position of your laptop. It’s also helpful to use a separate keyboard so you don’t have to extend your hands so much when typing.

Using Standup Desks

Standup desks are great alternatives to traditional office desks, because people who work in offices generally work for at least eight hours… sitting down. This kind of desk gives you more energy from better blood flow. It also promotes better posture and core strength, as you’re always standing up when working. It also promotes better co-worker engagement because you’ll be able to engage with them at eye level, breaking bad habits of isolating yourself in your cubicle.