Knowing how to give a massage is advantageous. Aside from being able to offer a favor to someone, you are also giving a favor to yourself by improving your massaging skills. Learning how to give a massage is not hard. You can practice on a family member or friend on how to do proper techniques to enable you to learn faster. This will not only hasten your learning; it will also enable you to offer beneficial deed that your loved ones will appreciate.

How to Give a Massage

Prepare the Table and Other Stuff

The first thing that you need to prepare is the table where you are going to have the person lie down. If you don’t have a table, you can use the bed, the couch or even the kitchen table.

Put a sheet on the table so that it will be comfortable for the person to lie down. This will also catch the excess oil, which will make your cleanup much easier.

You should also prepare the oils that you are going to use. You can use aroma oils to help soothe the person even more.

Have the Person Lie Down

Have the person loosen or remove his clothes and lie down on the table facedown. Put a rolled towel on his forehead to avoid straining his neck. Cover the person with a towel from hips down.

Begin the Massage

Tell the person that you are going to begin the process. Then, pour the oil on your hands and spread it on his entire back.

  • Do palm circles on the waist up to the shoulders. Just put your hand over your other hand and make small circles on the person’s back. Do this about three times.
  • Do the muscle lift by shaping your hand into an L and moving your hand on the person’s lower back working slowly upward. As you go up, close your index finger and thumb together, as if you are slightly pinching the muscles. Do this until you have reached the upper back.
  • Then, use your knuckles to knead the tired muscles by closing your hand and putting your knuckles at the back. Slide your knuckles slowly upward all the way to the shoulders then drag your hands down again.
  • You can also do the muscle lift on the trapezius of the person before repeating the first three steps on the other side of the back.


  • After massaging the person, gently rub a towel on their back to relax the muscles and absorb the excess oil.
  • You should tell the person to have periodical breaths to the stomach to relax the muscles to get the most out from the massage.
  • You should ask the person you are going to massage if they are allergic to certain scents or oils so that you can avoid using them.
  • Also, make sure that the room is warm, not hot, so that the ambience is more relaxing instead of being uncomfortable.