Shaving using a straight razor offers a smoother finish. That is why men want to have the skills on how to shave with a straight razor even though it is difficult to learn at first and it usually takes a lot of time and patience just to get used to it.

Shaving with a straight razor can be dangerous if not done properly. The blade is very sharp, which could cause serious injury when handled improperly. Thus, one should be very careful in using the shaving tool. Caution and skills are needed to avoid injury and also to achieve satisfactory results.

Shave with a Straight Razor

Before you begin practicing, you should have all the necessary stuff needed. This will prevent you from getting distracted or injured when you try to find stuff in the middle of your shaving, especially if you are not careful in handling your razor.

Prep the Beard

You have to moisten the beard to make it soft by taking a hot shower or placing a hot towel over your beard. Never attempt to shave with a straight razor when your beard is dry as it will make it difficult and even painful for you to pass your razor.

Splash your face with warm water before lathering up so that your beard is totally moist. Let the lather sit for 5 minutes before you begin shaving. Do not use creams or gels from cans as they do not provide enough moisture.


Stretch the skin that you are about to shave with a straight razor – this will prevent your skin from being cut and this will also give you a smoother finish. Then, place your straight razor flat on your skin then carefully angle it to 20 degrees. Pass the razor on your skin without pressure.

You should perform three passes to achieve optimal smoothness. The first pass should be in the direction of the hair growth. The second one should be at the side of the hair growth while the third one should be against the direction of the hair growth. Lather up between each pass to ensure that your beard and skin are totally moist.


After the third pass, rinse your face with cold water. This will close your pores and help your skin recover from the shaving process much quicker. Pat the skin dry and avoid rubbing the towel to avoid irritation.

Tips on Shaving with a Straight Razor

  • When you shave with a straight razor, never make horizontal moves as this will cut your skin.
  • Never walk with your razor open. Always close the razor whenever you are walking or focusing on other stuff so that you will avoid being cut.
  • Do not use other types of razors to do touch ups – this will prevent you from practicing even more because you are shifting to other methods.
  • Never rush. Make sure that you shave with a straight razor when you are not in a hurry. Also, be sure that you will not be distracted during the process, especially if it is your first time doing it.