It was a January morning when Christie found out she was pregnant! She was overly excited and she couldn’t wait to tell everyone the news the same day but there was a family member who was about to hear the good news every single day of the pregnancy period. Christie’s mother Setsuko Harmon was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and her memory was deteriorating but as sad as this disease may be it seems that some moments of joy can be found in it. What Christie did for her sick mother will warm your heart in a very emotional way. Let’s find out!

20. Sick With Alzheimer’s

Setsuko Harmon, Christie’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease eight years ago and it was really harsh and emotionally heavy for the family. Her memory lasted only for some minutes and the things she recognized were becoming lesser and lesser. As you can imagine is difficult to deal with situations like this and there is no space for joy in it, but is this true?

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