We all have had our moments of low motivation levels. Watch the following videos before you need to accomplish a task, and you will soon find yourself with an increase in motivation levels.

This video says that it’s for football, but even if you aren’t a football player, you may find this video very inspiring.


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For this next video, it doesn’t matter if you want to be successful in the weight room, field, schooling, or life. This video is another one that will help you get that extra motivation you need.


If you haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises, then I advise you not to watch this clip. This clip is the kind of scene that will literally get you on the edge of your seat. While watching this scene, you may find it easy to relate to it. When you’re down, do you stay down, or do you keep fighting to achieve what you want? This clip is a perfect example of someone who has failed and then was able to learn from his mistakes and overcome his challenges.


What videos motivate you? If you have a favorite inspiring or motivational video, just comment below!