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Priceless Photos Of Pets Who Just Realized They’re Going To The Vet

Priceless Photos Of Pets Who Just Realized They’re Going To The Vet

It is an unavoidable aspect of every pet’s life… the usual visit to the vet. If we make the analogy of how much do children (and in several cases adults) like visiting the doctor we realize what happens in the brains of those pets when they realize that they’re not going for a walk or a trip but to visit the dreadful vet.

Check out these hilarious photos of terrified pets who just realized that they’re going to the vet. #19  and #12 will certainly make you burst to laugh!

22. The Saddest Face

Well, you can’t deny it. This dog’s face express its emotions in the most legit way. His facial expression can be awarded as the “visit to the vet” award of the year. Check out the next puppy so see the funniest angry face you’ve ever seen!

21. Angry Dog

This is the face of anger caused by trust issues. “You said that we’re going to the park”. This owner must expect no more trust from his best friend after his decision to take him to the vet and his dog’s face confirms it.

Wait until you see the next puppy’s reaction!

20. Lost All Hope

There is a moment where all puppies realize that there is nothing they can do to change their owner’s mind. This puppy here seems to have finally realized that there is no hope, resistance is futile!

The next puppy’s face is priceless! #18 though is still our favorite!

19. Disappointed

“I was sure” seems to be the words that would come out of this dog’s mouth as his owner obviously lied to him about the destination of their trip. Isn’t it the most suspicious face you’ve ever seen?

Check out what happens when owners try to change the route to the vet. It is hilarious!

18. Deception

It’s a fraud! This owner tried to trick its dog by taking a different route to the vet and it seemed to be working. But there is a time that the truth must be told and when the dog realizes that this route seems oddly familiar it gives us this priceless face!

Check out the next slides to see what happens when dogs really don’t want to go… and they show it in a hilarious way.

17. I Just Don’t Wanna

You have to chose between your new sofa and me going to the vet. Who said that puppies care about your property when the vet comes between you and them?

The next puppy demands the support of its owner and it’s the cutest thing.

16. Please Hold My Hand

There are some cases when dogs really understand that the things they can do are limited and the only thing they demand is the support and care of their owners… just like this German shepherd did!

The next dog employed the cuteness method better than everyone.

15. Don’t Leave Me In Vet Prison

When cages are involved pets have to think creatively! This dog used its cage to give us this funny though cute face full of desperate emotions.

Check out what happens when dogs gather the courage to deal with the vet alone.

14. Will Show Them

The vet must be frightened as this puppy seem to be ready for trouble. His face shows that it is there to fight and the vet should better beat it before it is too late!

The biggest plays of the article though have yet to come.

13. Don’t Leave Me

You don’t usually see a dog wrapped in its owner like this… actually you only see this when the word “vet” comes out of his mouth!

The next slide is just as cute.

12. I Won’t Walk

“You’ll have to drag me there”, some dogs like this one won’t even walk to the vet and some actions have to be done by their owners. The heavier, the better… for the dog at least!

Check out how a cat is being dragged by her owner in the next slide.

11. Won’t Go

Of course, cats are usually lighter than dogs so this method seems to not work well for them. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things that these pets are capable to do.

If you think this is cute enough wait to see what happens when puppies try to hide from their owners.

10. Hide And Seek

I wonder how found me! Puppies get a lot more creative when they realize that they have to hide instead of their bones but always the owner wins.

Check out the next slide to see how cats play the hide and seek game.

9. In The Sink

It isn’t the best hiding position in the world, right? This should be a lesson for this cat to try to be more creative of her hiding positions.

At least she wasn’t the only one who thought this could work!

8. Still No Good Spot

Their futile tries to hide or even their terrified cute face cannot change the fact they’re visiting the dreadful vet. While cats seem to be bad at hiding themselves there are some smarter dogs that use camouflage techniques to save themselves. Check out #10!

7. You Can’t See Me

If I can’t see them, they can’t see me… right? The desperation is clear for this dog as the ostrich method didn’t work out!

6. One With The Trash

Well, the vet seems to really be their worst nightmare, something terrifying that can literally make pets walk through trash to avoid it!

The next puppy nailed the camouflage thing!

5. Camouflage King

We have to say that if this’ puppy color was different this plan could actually work with some extra planning and care. Nevertheless, this puppy deserves a place in the military for its creative thinking.

Wait for the last 2 slides to say aww!

4. There Is Nothing Here

Move away| There is nothing here to look for! Even when arriving into vet’s office dogs try to hide and pray to be left alone!

3. The Cute Method

We all know that if pets make the owner say “awww” their plans will change, right?… Not! Even this cute face seemed to be unable to save this puppy from going to the vet and its reaction warms our heart.

2. Who Said Vet?

Who said Vet? I thought that we’re visiting grandma! This is the last minute reaction when there is too late to run away.

1. Why We Have to Do it

Well summing up this article there is one question that all pets want to ask… Why we have to do it? There isn’t another way?