Endurance athletes and body builders who are looking for health supplement products that can help them to refuel and rehydrate in between exercises can greatly benefit from Sustamine. This is an innovative supplement that comes in the form of L-Glutamine and supplies a mixture of L-Alanine, an amino acid that is important for rebuilding glycogen, as well as the L-Glutamine, an amino acid that helps in the stimulation of the synthesis of muscle protein.

How Sustamine Works

Sustamine helps to enhance the absorption of water and electrolytes in the intestines. It also stimulates the glycogen synthesis, which prevents the breaking down of muscle protein as well as encourages the synthesis of a muscle protein.

The Sustamine supplement has been proven to be very effective in protecting the reliability of one’s gastrointestinal tract while contributing to the better absorption of nutrients in the body.  It is important to know that Sustamine is actually regarded as a revolutionary dipeptide and such substance is actually a result of the merged amino acids which is the L-Alanine and the L-Glutamine. The dipeptide can be possibly transported towards the intestinal cells. Muscles will actually get the nutrients quicker since the dipeptide is better absorbed.

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Combination of Glutamine and Alanine

Research shows that the combination of Glutamine and Alanine is actually more effective than a Glutamine alone, when it comes to increasing the electrolyte, as well as the water absorption that was lost during the exercise. The Glutamine is also considered as among the most useful amino acids in encouraging synthesis of muscle protein and the Alanine is an amino acid that is important in rebuilding the glycogen that was stored in the body.

How is the Product Manufactured?

The Sustamine supplement is actually the end result of an enzymatic process which ties amino acids together in a natural process. This real dipeptide is lesser than a totally complete protein, thus, allowing it to be fully absorbed quickly and aids in the muscle recovery.

Aids in Muscle Growth

As mentioned, Sustamine is a combination of the Glutamine and Alanine. The Glutamine is actually considered as the most common form of all amino acids which make up most of your muscles. In fact, more than 605 of the composition of your skeletal muscles are composed of the L-Glutamine.

In addition, one of the main components of L-Glutamine is the nitrogen and this entails that L-Glutamine is actually the number one carrier of nitrogen towards your muscles. From this alone, you can understand the necessity of the L-Glutamine in muscle building. Without this, you will not be able to achieve muscle growth successfully.

Products That Contain Sustamine

By now, you can understand why Sustamine is now considered as one of the most sought after dietary supplements all over the country. But Sustamine is not only found on dietary and health supplements for they are also found on several energy drink and sports drink and others would even make use of it as a meal replacement. Sustamine is also present on some nutritional bars and yogurts.