If you win at billiards your self-esteem will rise. It will also improve your social skills since you will get more confident when you can beat your friends and other people at the pool hall. But learning and mastering stuff can take a while. So, you should start practicing your skills in this sport so that you can improve your craft and start feeling like a pro every time you are out with your buddies for a game.

Even though being great at playing sports may take some time, you can still improve your skills in pool if you will learn the basics. Proper posture is very important in this sport as this will enable you to shoot the ***** without a lot of misses. So, if you want to play like a pro, know the basics.

Playing Like a Pro

There are two basic moves in billiards: the classic stroke and the jump shot. And even though these two are some of the most basic moves, they are already hard to master if you don’t know how to do them properly. But with the tips listed below, you can pull off these moves without breaking a sweat.

  • Classic Stroke

The classic stroke is the most common move. This is used in most circumstances when the ball object is in front of the cue ball. But even though this is the most common, a lot of people are still messing this up due to poor posture. So to avoid messing this move, here is the proper way to do it.

When making the classic stroke in billiards, make sure that your cue is in line with the aim point on the object ball. It is also important to ensure that your feet are in the right position. Your right foot is underneath the cue and your left foot at a 45° angle.

Your arm, which holds the cue, should be at a 90° angle and your left hand, which is your bridge, should be straight and is 6-8 inches away from the cue ball.

Once you are in the right position, focus on the cue ball and object ball and take your shot.

  • Jump Shot

The jump shot is one of the most common moves in billiards yet most people find it awesome. Because not all people can pull this off, you will look like a pro when you pull this off at your next game with your friends.

When making the jump shot, you can start off with the classic stroke position then get your feet close together. Bow down your head towards the cue ball then bend your bridge arm so that you are closer to your shot.

Make your right arm perpendicular to your cue stick before taking the shot.

  • Bridge

To make a good shot, you need to make the right bridge form. Just make a fist on your left hand then raise your thumbs. Open up your fingers while maintaining the position of your thumb. Twist your hand a bit to the right then put your cue on your thumb and knuckle.

When trying to win at billiards, it is best to practice your moves before showing off to make sure that you won’t mess it up.