One of the ways to get the attention of women is by playing a musical instrument. If you are eyeing someone to be your date, you can seduce her by showing your skills in playing the piano. You do not have to be an expert, but by just having the basic knowledge on how to play piano, you might be able to get her attention.

It will take time though to learn how to play the piano. Professionals start at a young age and it will take you months or even years before you become a good piano player. But, since you have no knowledge at all on how to do it and your sole purpose is to seduce a woman with your so-called piano skills, then, you can still act or pretend like you are a professional by following these simple tips:

Focus on the black keys only

There are 88 piano keys, but for someone who just want to impress a woman and not really learn the rudiments on how to play piano, you can just focus your attention on the black keys. In other words, you will only learn how to use half of the total piano keys.

By just using the black keys, you will never hit a wrong note, it is totally impossible to do that when you will only be using the black keys, regardless of the music genre. This is because of the pentatonic scale, wherein every note that you will play will sound exactly right. You do not even have to learn how to read piano notes very well.

The pentatonic scale consists of five notes within one octave. The pentatonic scale can be used for doing improvisations and solos. Like in blues scale, you can play any notes within the scale and the sound that will be produced will be pleasant. For instance, if the song is in C major, you can play C major pentatonic.

Use the pedal liberally

To juice-up a sound, you need to use the pedal in order for the sound to be more interesting. Play piano by using the pedal liberally in order to sustain the note or the sound. It will give more depth to the sound of the black keys. The combination of the black keys and the pedal will produce a sound that is pleasing to the ears.

Those are some of the things that you need to master if you want to play piano in front of the woman you are trying to seduce. You do not need to get through the lengthy process of learning to read notes. By just using the black keys and by using the pedal liberally, you will look like a professional piano player.

Play piano the easy way by employing these simple techniques and you are on your way to getting the attention of the woman you like. Look like a professional by playing her some beautiful melodies, and who knows? Both of you may be playing some beautiful music together.