Winning an argument feels great. But, winning the right way is much better. Shouting and hurting your opponent are not good moves when trying to win every argument that you are in. Debating as if you are a pro debater is the way to go.

Because arguments are just a battle of opinions, you never should make it personal. Remember to attack the person’s views and not himself. This way, you can win an argument without seeming like a bad person.


Arguments are debates. They should be done with words, not with actions. Hence, you need to have great social skills to be able to handle an argument without sounding stupid or intimidated. Because you should be able to counter what your opponent is saying, you need to be able to think of things that you need to say while in the middle of the argument and probably, in front of a lot of people. Thus, arguing requires your skills in being social.

Winning an Argument

If you want to win every argument that you will have with your friends, family or anyone else, follow the tips below. These tips will make you feel like a pro debater, which will give you an advantage over your opponent.

Speak with Passion

Whatever you’re saying, say it with passion. No one is ever going to believe you if you, yourself, don’t believe in what you are saying. So, whenever you are explaining your part, always make it sound important to you, which will make other people, and even your opponent, believe that it is something of importance and it is true. This will make them believe in what you are saying.

Never explain yourself in a monotone. That won’t get you anywhere and won’t let you win every argument. In fact, it won’t let you win any argument at all.

Ask a Question

Some debaters have already created a dialogue in their minds. So, to throw them off and make them distracted, ask a question that you think they are not expecting.

Never Do Personal Attacks

As what was mentioned above, never attack a person regarding his personal circumstances. This is a battle of views and thoughts and should not be associated with personal matters. Both of you will just lose if you would try to attack each other personally.

Don’t Water Down to a Weaker Argument

To win every argument, never water down to a weaker one if you already have a strong argument. That will make your side weak and insignificant.

Exaggerate Your Opponent’s Argument

Try to exaggerate your opponent’s argument so that it will sound ridiculous. This will make other people and even the opponent himself think if his argument really is ridiculous, which will make him distracted.

Make it a Win-Win Situation

Give up some points in the argument so that you walk away a winner while your opponent thinks that he is a winner too.

To win every argument, you have to make a last impression about your debate. To make this possible, throw in a rhetorical question that will be on your opponent’s mind long after you have ended the argument.