Love songs make girls emotional. These songs will make a girl love you all the more especially if you were that one who wrote it. This is especially true if the song that you’ve written is all about your girl. The romance in your relationship is being multiplied when your girl knows that you are making an effort to make her feel loved and special. Hence, when you write her a love song, you can bet that your lady will appreciate you and your relationship even more.

But, writing a love song may seem a bit hard especially if you are not poetic or not really good with words and music. But even though you were not born to be a musician, you can write a love song for the lady of your life with the help of a few tips.

Writing a Love Song

Getting inspired will help you create a love song. But, having the inspiration is not enough to come up with words that you can string together to create a love song that can sweep your girl off her feet. So, here are some tips that you can use when writing a love song:

Think of the Person You’re Writing About

The first thing that you need to do when you write a love song is to think about the person that you are writing about. Focus on her traits and the things that make her beautiful and lovely so that you can incorporate those things in your song.

It would be helpful to think of words that rhyme with her name so that you can use them on your song.

Use Romantic Words

Using romantic words is customary in writing up love songs so don’t be hesitant in using these terms. Love, beauty and charm are some of the words that you should try using when you write a love song.

Just be sure that you don’t go overboard and never use words that have a sensual feel to them as these could ruin your song and the mood of your lover, especially if you are just in your dating phase. Love songs are sexy but they ought to be sweet and not sensual.


Aside from creating a love song, even a short one, you should also practice your performance. Be sure to give justice to your song by singing it with passion. Relationships need passion so be sure to apply it even to your song to make your girl feel how much your relationship means to you.


If you can’t write a love song no matter what you do, you can always borrow words from other songs. Just make sure that you mean the words on your chosen song and don’t just select a random song because of the melody or the beat.

Writing songs may seem kind of cheesy but it really is not. It’s a form of affection. And if your girl means the world to you, write a love song for her and sing your heart out. She will love you for it.