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Zottman Bicep Curl [How to]

The zottman bicep curl is a highly effective exercise and is very challenging. We highly recommend adding this exercise to your routine, as it is one of the most versatile curls there are when it comes to hitting your biceps and forearms. It does burn quite a bit, but remember that when something is really hard – that just means it is an area where you need to work harder.

Zottman Bicep Curl Overview

Exercise: Zottman Bicep Curl
Primary Muscle: Biceps
Additional Muscle(s): Forearms
Type: Pull, Isolation
Gear Needed: Dumbbells

What is a Zottman Bicep Curl?:

The Zottman Bicep Curl is a bicep routine and uses a twisting movement to work a different area than your biceps and forearms, rather than the standward Dumbbell Bicep Curl.

How to Do a Zottman Bicep Curl:

  1. Stand up while having your torso in an upright position and hold a dumbbell in each hand using an arms length distance. Your elbows should be close to your torso.
  2. Have your palms be facing each other. This position will be your starting point.
  3. Hold your upper arm motionless, and simultaneously curl the weights while contracting your biceps as you exhale. Make sure only your forearms are moving. Your wrists should be rotating so that you have a supinated grip. Continue the motion until your biceps are contracted fully and the dumbbells are at a shoulder level.
  4. Hold the contracted position for a brief second while you squeeze the biceps.
  5. During the contracted position, rotate your wrist until you have a pronated grip with your thumb at a higher position than your pinky finger.
  6. Bring down the dumbbells at a slow pace while using the pronated grip.
  7. When the dumbbells close your thighs, start to rotate your wrist so that you go back to a neutral grip.
  8. Complete the preferred number of reps for this exercise.

Zottman Bicep Curl Video: