The only source of this very rich compound is milk, specifically milk that came from a cow that has just given birth. It is present only during the first flow of milk that comes from a cow. This compound is very rich for boosting the immune system and it is also rich in the insulin like growth factor (IGF-1) which is responsible for increasing muscle mass. Also, this compound is full of leptin which can control the hunger pangs of a person. In effect, it can be used by those who want to lose weight.

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Benefits For Bodybuilders                        

  1. Bodybuilders can benefit from this food supplement because it is very rich in immunoglobulins and lactoferrin. These will help them from getting sick due to the intensity of their workout program. Too much stress on the body can weaken the immune system, but by adding colostrum in their diet, they can have a stronger defense against sickness.
  2. The insulin like growth factor is used not only to increase the size of their muscles but as a protection against damage to their stomach linings. Adults often experience gastrointestinal problems due to stress, and stress that comes from too much physical training can also lead to damage to the stomach linings. This food compound can help eliminate such a condition.  The insulin like growth factor also lowers their cholesterol level because it converts fat into energy. More energy means more time to exercise.
  3. It also has antibiotics-like properties. There are some people who develop an allergic reaction to chemicals like antibiotics. This milk compound can be used against many ailments. It is also known to increase the recovery period from an illness. It can be given to people who suffer from common illnesses such as colds, cough, and flu. It can also treat illnesses like arthritis and diabetes in conjunction with other medicines.
  4. It also aids in tissue repair. Bodybuilders can damage their muscles because of the heavy equipments they lift to increase the size of their muscles. This food supplement can be given to them because of its healing properties. It can aid in the faster healing of muscle injury.
  5. It also helps in cancer treatment. This food compound is very rich in boosting the immune system. Those who suffer from cancer can benefit by adding this to their diet. People who are diagnosed with cancer have a low immune system and they need products that are rich in vitamins and minerals such as this food compound. Studies have shown that stomach cancer can be cured by taking this food compound. For colon cancer, it has been determined that it lessens the multiplication of colorectal cancer cells.

Side Effects

Though colostrum has many benefits, caution must be taken before taking this food compound. It is usually marketed in capsule form in varying milligrams. It is generally tolerated by the users, but some side effects are nausea and flatulence. Additionally, the disease from an infected cow may be passed on to this food compound and may cause foot and mouth disease when taken by humans.