You may not like dancing very much, but whether you like it or not, you’ll probably have to dance at some stage of your life. You can’t avoid being invited to a party, and when everyone is on the dance floor, you don’t want to look like an outcast. So, it’s time to party, and if you’re not confident with the way you move, here are some expert tips on how to dance.

Two Steps

This is the basic dance step that you have to learn, because all moves will originate from the two step dance. All you have to do is practice side steps. Just move your right leg to the side, then your left leg. It can be uneasy in the beginning, especially if you don’t move with fluid motion. Try to be as smooth as possible when making the move. Avoid rigidness to avoid looking silly on the dance floor.

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It’s one of the dance moves that are fairly easy to follow. Once you get your rhythm, try to use some hand movements, like snapping your fingers to the beat or swaying your arms. If you’re a beginner, dance with some slow music in the background, and as soon as you become confident with your skills, dance to a song with a faster beat.


This dance move is similar to the two step, only with a dip. Bend your knees as you side step to the right and to the left. Do it with some hip movements. Sway your hips so it looks softer. Remember that you’re on the dance floor and not in a gym exercising, so move with some flare.

The Rock

This is one of the dance moves you need to do with someone you already have a connection with. It’s a sexy dance, so you and your partner must be very comfortable with each other. Bend both knees and rock or sway your hips side to side. In order not to look awkward on the dance floor, you need to be very close to the body of your partner as you sway your hips. Hold her on the waist, hips or shoulders as both of you rock.

In a social gathering, always focus on yourself. As much as possible, don’t be bothered if someone comments on your dancing skills. The important thing is to have a good time and dance to the beat in the best way you can. Don’t compare your dance moves to others’, for it will only make you feel insecure. Just remember to be fluid in your movements and sway with confidence. Dancing is all about attitude, so rock the night away with your moves.