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Motivational Playlist: Hip-Hop & Rap (Part 1)

Coming across a good list of motivational songs can sometimes be hard. Whether it’s doing chores, homework, or working out, there’s a playlist to make these things easier. It doesn’t matter if lyrics or the beats are the motives you gain from the songs. The following playlist will help you gain motivation.

California Love (feat. Roger Troutman & Dr. Dre) – 2Pac (1995)

  • This song is nearly two decades old, but is still a go-to for many people when beginning an activity. Give this song a try and see how it works for you.

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Party Up – DMX (2000)

  • “Party Up” is another so-called ‘throwback’. No matter the activity, this song will ignite you, motivation you, and get you ready to roll.

I Need a Doctor (feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey) – Dr. Dre (2011)

  • There was period of time when Dr. Dre didn’t come out with anything new. But, his hard work busted out this motivational song. The lyrics of this song show listeners the inspiration and friendship Dr. Dre and Eminem have for each other. If you’re going through a hard time, this song will definitely help you get through.

Remember the Name – Fort Minor (2005)

  • “Remember the Name” is a song that the NBA used for much of their media during the mid 2000’s. During the NBA playoffs, this song was featured as the theme song. If you’re someone who wants to make a name for yourself, this is a go-to song.

Stronger – Kanye West (2007)

  • This song has a mixture of electronic and hip-hop music. The electronic mixture is from Daft Punk’s song, “Better Faster Stronger”. You may have heard this song featured for many professional sporting events. When trying to get motivated for any competitive event, this song will help you get ready.

We Own It (feat. Wiz Khalifa) – 2 Chainz (2013)

  • If you’ve seen the movie Fast and Furious 6, you would have heard this song at the beginning and end of the movie. This song resembles many different meanings from family loyalty, taking chances, to sticking to a plan or goal. Listening to this song will help give you motivation in many different ways.

Run This Town (feat. Rihanna & Kanye West) – JAY Z (2009)

  • As one of Jay Z’s more popular songs, you can be sure to become motivated by listening to it. If your goal is to be the best at something, you will relate to this song.

Here Comes The Boom – Nelly (2005)

  • “Here Comes The Boom” is the type of song that can get anyone jacked up for a game or event. This song is popular in sports such as football and mixed martial arts. If you’re someone who needs pumping up, adding this song to your playlist is a must.

Lose Yourself – Eminem (2002)

  • Now, this song is one of the more popular songs for motivational use. Since this song was released, it could be heard across much of the popular media. Still to this day, “Lose Yourself” is heard throughout gyms, arenas, and stadiums. If you feel like you have a chance to make a difference in this world, then you should go for it. This song is all about making the most of an opportunity. ‘Cause you may only have one shot.

Let’s Go (feat. Lil Jon & Twista) – Trick Daddy (2004)

  • This is another popular song that has been heard around fitness and athletic events for nearly ten years. The chorus and beat of this song are what gets people fired up.

Throw It Up (feat. Pastor Troy) – Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz (2002)

  • “Throw It Up” is a song that can get you motivated for anything. Whether it’s for a sporting event or excitement, this song is a great pump-up song that will get you going.

Put On (feat. Kanye West) – Young Jeezy (2008)

  • As you can tell, Kanye West is an artist that knows how to contribute to many motivational songs. These two artists create this song for their loyalty towards their cities. So, if you’re loyal to your community and want to represent it in a positive way, this song will be a good motivator for that.

With these motivational songs, you can now add a new playlist to your iPod. Now it’s your turn to sound off. What hip-hop/rap songs do you think should go on a motivational playlist? Comment below and tell us your favorite motivational songs!